Why should recruiting be digital and empathetic at the same time?

Alexander Mazzara 9, Nov 2022 8 min
Digital recruiting

Anyone who has already recruited personnel knows the challenges all too well. Dozens, sometimes even hundreds of talents have to be addressed through different channels, and this varies depending on the position. Or there are as many candidates applying again. Digital recruiting is an enormous help here.

This is because feedback must be obtained, appointments must be made, the application documents must be structured, and nothing can be forgotten. The larger the company, the higher the number of applicants. But this is already true for start-ups and SMEs.

Doing all this manually is a lot of hard work and needs great precision. A recruiter would almost have to be a robot. In job interviews, however, specialist knowledge and empathy are required – and, of course, ideally a great deal of knowledge of human nature. So not for robots after all?

These are the advantages of modern recruiting agencies like Lionstep:

  • the combination of partially automated, digital processes
  • Expertise and empathy
  • visualization of application processes
  • Scalable processes, adapted to individual needs

What are the advantages of digital recruiting?

Physical application folders and Excel lists as tools of the trade for recruitment experts? An ad in the local daily press and then hope for the best? Fortunately, modern recruitment offers a wealth of options for optimizing application and hiring processes. With digital recruiting, companies can establish the recruitment strategy that leads to individual success.

Because digital recruitment offers a variety of advantages: 

  • Cost and time savings through digitally controlled and automated processes
  • uncomplicated, clear and intuitive processes
  • clear applicant management, structured in databases
  • strategies tailored to individual companies
  • data analyses at the push of a button
  • Status quo of application processes can be viewed at any time
  • Combination with employer branding consolidates the employer’s standing as a brand
  • Improved candidate experience increases popularity as an employer

Nevertheless, Lionstep believes that the best digital recruiting is of no use if it is not controlled by people and applied with precision. 

It is precisely with this core competence – namely enthusiasm for our profession – that we at Lionstep have perfected digital recruiting. In addition, one of our biggest advantages is our pricing. Isn’t digital recruiting totally expensive? We can answer the most frequently asked question of all with a clear conscience: “No!

In contrast to working with traditional headhunters and recruiters, our customers save up to 50 percent in costs. This results from the digitally streamlined process structure. This includes the search, optimization and evaluation of job postings for our customers. It also includes a simple and digitally optimized application process for candidates.

All this leads to cost savings that we pass on to our customers. In this way, our customers save money. If you also add the opportunity costs for unfilled positions, you shouldn’t wait too long.

Not convinced yet? Then read about the experience our scale-up customer Radicant had with Lionstep.

What opportunities does digital recruiting create?

What opportunities does digital recruiting create?

It’s not just the reduction in cost-per-hire that makes digital recruitment so attractive. In a fast-paced and volatile world, companies need to respond to modern demands – or they lose out.

However, those who use the various advantages of modern recruiting have success on their side. For example, there is the automated multichannel search – combined and optimized with intelligent digitally controlled processes. The data generated in the process is made available to customers and used to optimize the position. Not only does this reduce costs, it also significantly reduces time-to-hire.

The effectiveness of hybrid recruiting – i.e., digital processes combined with human empathy – can hardly be denied. The improved candidate experience, over 90 percent acceptance rate of proposed candidates and transparent pricing are just a few of the advantages. 

Our team works every day with full commitment to improve our services for you even more. The success of our customers is our motivation. Because our company can only grow healthily if you are successful.

What does digital recruiting cost?

Digital recruiting is by no means expensive. On the contrary: Thanks to digitization, costs are saved and these savings are passed on to the customer. And our pricing is more than flexible. You only pay for what actually corresponds to the services you use. With a clear prepaid system, our customers have full cost control at all times.  

Different service packages are available so that the right choice can be made depending on requirements. Additional services can be booked flexibly, at any time. Because we believe that customized recruitment should also be billed in a customized and customer-oriented manner. This way, you as a customer have a full overview of your costs, services and options at all times.

In addition to the advantages of digitization, we also focus at all times on good accessibility for you as a contact person. It is also important for us to know our customers well. With us, no one is a number. You need direct advice, have ideas, need practical help? Feel free to contact us at any time!

How do companies benefit from digital recruiting?

The demands on modern recruitment are high, and employees in HR departments often work at their limits. In addition, the omnipresent shortage of personnel is often felt in HR departments as well. This makes it difficult for HR managers to develop and implement HR strategies, as well as to handle day-to-day operations.

Digital recruiting with suitable IT solutions creates order out of chaos. Processes are optimized, automated and streamlined. It pays to do the math: If positions remain unfilled for a long time, it costs a lot of money. Colleagues have to take over the work, their own work is left undone or there is even a lack of turnover Strategic considerations have to be put on the back burner, the motto is to work through tasks.

Personnel at operational level or management position with specific requirement profile? Digital recruitment increases the chance of filling positions quickly many times over – and with an advantageous price-performance ratio.

As a Lionstep customer, why not simply benefit from the best of both worlds? Digital optimization combined with our empathically implemented expertise is an excellent basis for great opportunities.

These are the advantages of hybrid recruiting for companies at a glance:

  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • clear pricing, full cost control
  • in-house and award-winning IT platform developed by our experts
  • Feedback analyses as a valuable tool for job optimization and future recruitment processes
  • Establishment as an employer brand, Candidate Experience with top marks (4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Review)
  • Recruitment strategy always flexible and scalable as needed
  • personal contact person at Lionstep
  • professional expertise, transparent way of working

How do talents benefit from digital recruiting?

How do talents benefit from digital recruiting?

Talents are not only aware of their rights, but also of what they expect from an employer. New Work is the keyword here. It’s no longer purely about salary. Issues such as work-life balance, further training and the opportunity to fill a job creatively are compelling arguments.

Digital recruiting supports the thoughts of the modern labor market. Suitable talents are contacted on LinkedIn, Xing, via Whatsapp or SMS, as desired. They can give their feedback on the contact with just a few clicks conveniently on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

This results in short paths and fast processes. If curiosity about a position is aroused, talents can conveniently book a video or telephone appointment directly online.

Throughout the process, we are in contact with both companies and talent. Our clients love working with us – and we love working with our clients. 

In summary, hybrid and digital recruiting is proving more than beneficial for talent:

  • No complicated creation of analog application folders
  • contacting interesting jobs with only three clicks
  • exciting job advertisements available digitally at any time
  • additional information and videos or photos about the company, which are not easy to find in this form
  • Possibility for assessments, for example to sharpen the applicant profile
  • Exchange with experts
  • Personal contact persons available at any time

Lionstep: Your experienced partner for hybrid and digital recruiting

If a company uses the services of a recruiter, it is thinking ahead. After all, why do everything yourself when external support can successfully help with recruitment?

Since 2016, we at Lionstep have been working to ensure that our customers are positively surprised by our service. Our mission is clear: we combine digital technologies with human empathy to create suitable recruitment solutions.

Whether you’re a start-up or a large corporation, talk to us! As experts for digital recruitment, we are at your disposal for a first non-binding consultation. Simply get in touch with us. We look forward to getting to know you and your company!

Ready for your next career step? As a candidate, you’ll find numerous attractive job postings on our job board.