What to do when Hiring Peaks but Budget & Processes Remain the Same?

Alexandra Vrinceanu 14, Dec 2018 3 min

What to do when Hiring Peaks but Budget & Processes Remain the Same?

Getting through hiring peaks when you are in the HR department is no easy task. It can quickly seem like you are running a marathon and without the proper preparation, you can almost immediately fall behind.  

Usually, bigger companies, have an HR department that’s perfectly able to handle 1,000 people coming and going on an annual basis. But if management suddenly decides to open a new division and an extra 500 new employees are needed a.s.a.p., things can quickly spin out of control.  

That’s 500 new job postings, thousands of résumés that need reviewing, screening calls, interviews, you name it. And all of this is on top of what you already have to do under normal circumstances. In some cases, it may seem like there is no end in sight and finding ways to streamline this operation is a must. Otherwise, you risk by not only falling behind but also entering a state of chronic stress.  


So, what can your human resources department do in the event of one such hiring peak but when internal budgets and processes remain the same? 

Skill Sharing 

Cross-training employees and rotating tasks during this time will help the HR department run more smoothly and increase employee professional development. When you cross-train, all of your staff will be on the same page and will be more able to fill in for each other when needed. 

Involve the Managers

Even if this is not always an option, involving the managers in the recruiting process may help alleviate some of the duties and stress that comes with one such hiring peak. By integrating them into the screening process can help a great deal, depending on the time and energy needed. And even though they may be busy, they should be able to recognize the importance of not rushing the process.

Using a Recruiting Company 

Lionstep is a recruitment service that can help you in this regard. Unlike other recruiting agencies, we can help you actively source and pre-screen the right talents so you have more time for the last steps in this process.

Lionstep does this by making use of state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to automate much of the pre-screening process. We ensure that, by the time a job candidate reaches the interview stage, he is a good fit with the job requirements and very important, he is interested in the position and the company.


Even if hiring peaks are a stressful time for any HR department, regardless of its size, there are ways to mitigate the situation and have all new employees ready for work on time. By following these tips provided here, you will be sure to handle it.

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