What is RPO, and what are the advantages?

Alexander Mazzara 3, Aug 2022 7 min

US companies are more forward-thinking than ever. Skilled workers are needed everywhere, and talents in the labor market are in high demand. RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is the term for the complete or partial outsourcing of the recruitment process in companies.

Professional RPO service providers support companies from searching for personnel up to the contract signing for newly recruited employees. Maximum results with minimum possible, process-optimized use – that is the motto here.

As one of the leading RPO providers, Lionstep works with a successful, proprietary platform. With empathy and know-how, more than 100 employers at Lionstep provide custom-fit solutions for companies in various industries. 

The process from initial contact to onboarding with process-optimized RPO

  • optimized recruiting strategies 
  • data-driven scalability 
  • reliable and consistent process quality 
  • meaningful data analysis 
  • state-of-the-art technology in application 
  • employers with know-how and empathy 

With this overview of the functionality of RPO, it becomes clear what this approach is created for. It actively, transparently, and cost-effectively supports companies in searching and finding qualified personnel. If companies decide to use RPO they contact recruiting companies. Together, the parameters are set: 

  • Which position(s) should be filled?
  • What are the time constraints on the part of the company?
  • What information should the job advertisement contain?
  • Which channels are suitable for the tender campaign?

Do companies want to fill a position for which only specialists have the appropriate qualifications? Are personnel needed as part of a project? Then project-based support with RPO is the right decision.

RPO partial cycle 

Many companies outsource parts of the recruiting process to professional service providers. Helping with application processes is one example. The regionally focussed search for applicants can also be covered with partial outsourcing, as well as active sourcing. The latter is an increasingly important tool in the war of talents.

Qualified talents who are not looking for a job are actively approached with active sourcing. Digitized data analyses, process optimization, and a lot of empathy promise very good and cost-effective chances of success.

RPO full cycle 

The all-inclusive variant of RPO places the entire recruiting process in experienced hands. It runs from initial analyses to data-based evaluation of feedback from talents to successful contract signings. In-house HR departments are sustainably exonerated and supported.

Which companies use RPO? 


Especially global players, corporations, or large companies can use the advantages of RPO for themselves. Also, start-ups or fast-growing companies, in general, are aware of the difficulties recruiting can bring. The time factor and partly overburdened HR departments are only two of many possible reasons to choose RPO.

Companies that regularly fill not only one but possibly hundreds of new positions fully benefit from RPO. The establishment of new branches or the expansion into new areas of business also requires personnel.

It can take up to three months from the initial contact to the signing of the contract before a position is filled. This does not even include the time required to prepare the job description etc. It is clear what this means for a company’s HR department. 

And this is where RPO comes into play. Project-based, as a partial or complete solution: Companies simply choose the extent of support they need. We do the rest – always in close consultation with the personnel managers involved.

The advantages of the RPO model 


Ultimately, there is a unique selling point that makes RPO so attractive. Recruiting can be customized to fit the specific needs of employers. This enables employers to reduce reliance on third-party vendors and lower recruiting costs measurably. In addition, the costs arising from unfilled positions are also not insignificant.

The risk of not filling positions is reduced to a minimum with RPO in a scalable and predictable manner. It uses digital channels for job advertisements and thus has an enormous reach – locally limited or nationwide.

In addition, recruiting with RPO becomes a continuous process, so to speak. From employer branding to a reliably available talent pool, necessary steps are optimized. This has the advantage that each individual job does not have to be considered and processed separately. 

Partly or fully automated processes stand for powerful efficiency. The combination of employees who act emphatically and with expertise ensures a smooth and reliable recruiting process.

Lionstep is lucky to have the best employees, but not only for its own good. Our in-house developed platform enables us to merge standardized processes with individual analytical data evaluations. A job advertisement does not work at all? With the help of data analyses, we determine the reasons for this and adapt the advertisement together with the employers.

How does RPO work? 

A position is advertised – and hundreds of applications arrive. Or, another extreme case: A position is advertised and no application comes in. Both cases mean a considerable amount of extra work for HR departments. With the help of RPO, HR departments can precisely formulate their need. Lionstep professionally translates this need into job advertisements and markets them on suitable channels.

Software-supported processes allow the precise analysis of feedback – or the lack of feedback. When the applications arrive, they are evaluated. If the RPO process is successful, employers can make the final decision from a small group of selected candidates.

This avoids:

1. HR/recruitment departments and personnel managers have to accompany every process from A to Z in a time-consuming and cost-intensive manner. 

2. Job offers are orphaned and not optimized. 

3. Recruitment processes take an unnecessarily long time.

4. Costs are generated that can be saved through process optimization.

PRO pricing models 

At Lionstep, we believe that smart recruiting should go hand in hand with smart pricing. That is why we offer different packages from which employers can choose to suit their needs.

Once the choice is made, credit is loaded and used flexibly – for twelve months or, depending on the need of RPO, shorter or longer. Premium services can simply be added if required.

This allows our customers to keep an eye on their costs and use their credit exactly when they need it. It can’t get simpler. Feel free to contact us and learn more about us and our unique model.

RPO with Lionstep: process-optimized and yet personal

Modern recruiting does not come off the shelf. It starts with the needs analysis and continues through talent search and interviews to onboarding. It is flexible, result-oriented, and tailor-made.

As a successful recruiting company, Lionstep does not only rely on data analyses and process optimization. A company is only as good as its employees. The people who make up Lionstep stand for the recruiting success of our customers. We go the extra mile with our service.

With RPO, you outsource specific recruiting tasks as a company and benefit from customized recruitment. Do you have questions about our offer or want to get detailed information? Use our contact options today and make the first step towards recruitment process outsourcing. 

Not convinced yet? Then read about the experience our scale-up customer Radicant had with Lionstep.

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