What do HR Services include?

Alexander Mazzara 18, Oct 2022 8 min
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To make a company successful and to maintain its success, it needs more than just products or services. It is not possible without motivated and committed employees. Each and every individual contributes to the company’s success with specific services or skills. Human resources management is undoubtedly one of the most important pillars of a successful company. HR Service offers support in this area. 

HR managers not only have the task of finding and hiring suitable talent. Employee retention and, closely linked to this, employee satisfaction are just as important. 

High fluctuation, war of talents, shortage of skilled workers, time pressure and the budget breathing down your neck – the burdens on HR departments are manifold. It doesn’t matter whether the company is a large corporation or a medium-sized enterprise. HR departments and HR managers often operate at the limit.

Why is HR service from an external service provider worthwhile?


Lionstep as a professional recruiter offers its customers services that can provide sustainable relief – tailored and as needed. HR managers who make use of external support act entrepreneurially and with foresight: 

  • .Time-limited projects can be supported in a targeted manner. You are expanding, want to open a new branch or launch a new product? Do you need to find the right specialists quickly? Use our RPO-Service and outsource all or part of your recruitment to us.
  • A management position is difficult to fill, suitable talent is simply not to be found? Contact us. Our sources and contacts are at your disposal with our services. And soon you will be happy about the perfect filling of the open position.
  • You want to relieve your HR department and outsource interview preparation, demand planning or personnel search in a specific region? We take over individual processes for your company – of course always in close consultation and transparent at all times.

These are just a few examples of how companies can use our HR service. We will be happy to talk to you personally in order to find a sensible solution for your individual needs.

How do companies benefit from the HR service provided by Lionstep?


No two companies are the same; each has its own requirements and its own staffing needs. That’s why off-the-shelf recruitment is of relatively little use. Various parameters are decisive for recruitment success. 

HR Service according to your needs

There are many different ways to use our HR service individually. For example, large companies outsource certain application processes to us. Difficult-to-fill management positions are typical examples. Start-ups also approach us. A large number of positions to be filled at once is a Herculean task in an empty labor market.

Our services are scalable and adapt to individual needs quite easily and flexibly. Our experts are available to companies at any time. This means that our customers always get exactly the HR recruitment they need at any given time. Since Lionstep does not offer any other HR services except recruitment. 

Suitable applicants for every position

Externe Personalbeschaffung

We use all available sources to recruit talent. Job boards, career portals, social media and, last but not least, our talent pool provide access to candidates. This also includes candidates who may not even be looking for a job. However, proactive approach, active sourcing, can generate interest in a particular position.

Well-educated high potentials or experienced specialists thus learn about exciting positions, companies get access to talents. The path to the perfect combination of company and employee is clear!

Soft skills and expertise

The best qualifications and the highest-caliber training can look so good on paper. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Cultural fit is a decisive criterion for hiring talent. Or to put it another way: the gut feeling must be right.

Only when both sides feel comfortable with each other can potential be fully exploited. After all, in addition to a good salary and a good work-life balance, talented employees repeatedly mention an important aspect. Skilled employees want to develop within a company and be able to work freely. In return, employers want reliable employees who identify with the company.

Analyze instead of guessing

Our award-winning platform has a decisive advantage over many of our competitors. It allows us to make feedback from candidates visible. A job posting isn’t working at all? The feedback provides insight into possible reasons.

This is just one way to use our data-based analyses. We advise our customers in detail on individual parameters that can be applied here and thus lead to recruiting success.

Digital platform and personal contact

All the data analysis in the world is only worth as much as the people who create it, explain it, and translate it into action. It’s the mix of data-driven processes and human empathy that makes Lionstep so special.

Since our foundation in Zurich in 2016, our company has been growing steadily and successfully. Over 900 satisfied corporate customers speak for themselves. We go the extra mile for each of our customers and candidates. Our Google Reviews with 4.9 out of 5 possible points speak for themselves. If our customers are successful, we can continue on our path: expanding with enthusiasm and exploiting new opportunities.

Attractive on the labor market with employer branding

employer branding

Employer branding is more important than ever in today’s job market. Companies present themselves to the labor market with integrity as a brand. The corporate philosophy and vision, a good error culture and transparent processes can be key cornerstones.

Employers with outstanding employer branding thus also have employee development in mind. Successful recruiting does not end with hiring, but also includes employee satisfaction and identification with the company.

Lionstep offers companies the opportunity to present themselves with their own employer branding in the members’ area of our website. This way, interested talents can directly access open positions and thus choose the short way to get in touch. 

What does external HR service cost?


This is one of the big questions that companies face when commissioning external services. But here, too, Lionstep offers both transparency and fair value for money:

  • Credits are simply topped up according to the prepaid principle.
  • Credits are available for twelve months and are used as needed.
  • Our Packages are clearly staggered and offer the right set for every need.
  • Additional services can be added at any time.

Important decision-making tools for hiring a recruiter may include: 

  • Unfilled positions cost money. The tasks are taken over by colleagues whose own to-do lists then remain unprocessed.
  • Recruiters are tied up with the search for talent. Capacity and skills shortages often turn this task into a time- and cost-eater.
  • Whether project-based or as a companion over a longer period of time: Our customers choose the service they need according to their requirements. There are no hidden costs and opaque fees. 

HR Service with Lionstep: Individual solutions for your personnel needs

The successful HR service of companies is a responsible task that requires experience and strategic thinking and action. Companies that use the service of recruiters create air and space for themselves.

Our contact capabilities open doors to talent, our data-driven processes provide the strategic overview. And our enthusiasm for what we do is contagious. We are proud of the ever-growing number of companies that work with us on a permanent basis.

You have questions or need more details? Contact us simply and directly. Take advantage of our HR service and be inspired by our uncomplicated way of working.

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