What are the advantages of active sourcing?

Alexander Mazzara 25, Oct 2022 7 min
Active Sourcing

When companies are looking for professionals for specific positions, it can often be a frustrating search. Talents and candidates who might be eligible are usually already in very good positions. In broader terms, this means that these talents are not looking for a job. And this is where Active Sourcing comes in.

It is not just the shortage of skilled workers that is causing problems in the labor market. Companies are also experiencing the new-work wave, which is presenting them with challenges. Talented people applying to companies? That was once upon a time! It’s the companies that are fighting for the best talents and want and need to present themselves attractively.

Active sourcing ensures that these highly qualified and sought-after talents hear about available positions. Find out how it works below.

What is Active Sourcing?

A simple job advertisement is no longer enough. Because you as an entrepreneur:in are facing a challenge that hasn’t been around for very long. The talent you want is not on the lookout.

In addition, your HR budget may not be inexhaustible, so the cost of recruitment must be kept in mind. In addition, the search should not take too long, as time is usually of the essence. 

So how are the much-needed skilled workers to be found? This is where an exciting figure comes into play. Did you know that around 90 percent of potential candidates are open to new job offers? This compares to just under 40 percent who actually actively search. The reason for this is simple: These talented individuals have no pressure to find an attractive job. 

Our task and our absolute specialization is now to address these talents and bring them closer to the available position. This is done in a fact-based, non-binding and informative manner. In practice, this process follows a clearly structured approach.

Appeal to talents who are not looking at all

Appeal to talents who are not looking at all

When companies approach us with personnel requirements, they first have the option of defining a precise job advertisement. We then use our internally developed platform and contact suitable candidates in writing. We obtain the contact data for this from sources such as job exchanges, social media or our talent pool.

By the way, you can find out why it is a mistake to treat talents from different resources in the same way in our guides.

Now it’s up to the talent to assess whether the position seems attractive. There are various options via the feedback link. Either interest in an interview is signaled. Or parameters can be ticked as to why the position is not interesting. What this can be used for and is important – more about that later.

If positive feedback is received, our team of experts comes into play. Our recruiters get into personal contact with the talents. Questions are answered, and the positions are discussed in detail. This often has an additional positive effect: independent third parties can “sell” jobs more credibly than a company, which inevitably acts in a biased manner.

After these interviews, there remains an exclusive group of talents that we can present to you. The final decision will be made in a meeting with the candidates. 

Human empathy + data-driven optimization = cost savings 

Data-based algorithms and human empathy are the key to success in Lionstep’s Active Sourcing. Because this not only shortens the time-to-hire. At the same time, costs can also be saved. Because computer-controlled sub-processes of the selection process avoid the otherwise obligatory loops of unfruitful interviews by conventional personnel agencies and headhunters. 

100 percent comfort, clear costs


Speaking of costs: We disclose our costs transparently and keep our pricing simple and clear. Companies can choose from these packages at Lionstep:

  • Professional: Recruiting inklusive persönlichem Customer Success Manager
  • Enterprise: RPO Recruiting as a Service

You simply load your credit, and it will be booked at performance. You don’t need your credit immediately? No problem, it’s valid for twelve months. Lionstep also offer subscription models for companies with more than 1 or 2 open positions. Would you like advice on pricing or our services? We look forward to an informative discussion with you.

Not convinced yet? Then read about the experience our scale-up customer Radicant had with Lionstep.

How can you use Active Sourcing for your company?

Foremost, there are advantages when processes are outsourced. Volatile markets, globalization and, last but not least, the still current pandemic are defining the world of work. For HR departments, this can mean constant stress. With the full or partial outsourcing of the recruiting process, workflows can be streamlined and accelerated. 

We have already mentioned it: As part of our active sourcing, talents provide feedback on advertised positions. This is an invaluable source of knowledge for companies. If a job ad doesn’t work out and remains in the company files as a slow seller, feedback offers a great opportunity. 

After all, you can see from our data-based analyses exactly why the ad is not successful. Would home office be desirable? Is the title of the advertised position inaccurate? Does the salary need to be adjusted? These and many other parameters can be decisive for a fast and outstanding filling.

 What are the Candidate Experiences with Active Sourcing? 

Where the term “headhunting” may seem rather unappealing to candidates, active sourcing is a positive experience. There are no inappropriate calls, no pushing into inappropriate jobs at inappropriate times. On the contrary, Active Sourcing is used to get information about the market without making any commitments.

And if there’s a job on offer that’s worth a closer look – all the better! Because the days when skilled workers stay with the same company from apprenticeship to retirement are over. Highly qualified talents appreciate the opportunity to develop themselves further, to gain new experience and to contribute their expertise.

Therefore, information about new jobs delivered proactively by mail free of charge is very welcome. In addition, we at Lionstep place an absolute focus on appreciation and data protection – two essential pillars of our business model. 

Candidates come across an exciting position and want to find out more? Do companies get the opportunity to present themselves? It’s this win-win situation that we value so much about our job.

Active Sourcing: With Lionstep your company takes the next step


We founded our company in Zurich in 2016, and since then we have worked with over 900 companies. And we continue to grow. Our concept and know-how are in demand like never before.

Every company has its own requirements and individual needs for talented employees. Find the right talent with us! Get the Lionstep experience we can be so proud of due to many positive references.

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