Welcome to Lionstep, Vlad & Selma!

The Lionstep team is growing and we are pleased to announce that two new talents will be joining us.

Vlad Crisan will support the continous growth of Lionstep as Data Scientist. As a machine learning practitioner with a proven track record in mathematics research, he will be a powerful team asset in gaining real insights through data analytics & machine learning. 

Vlad Crisan on his new role: “Living in a tech connected world leads to rapid changes in the way we approach problems, and recruiting is no exception. In order to adapt to these changes and their complexities, the ability to leverage data for new insights becomes essential. As a Data Scientist, I am excited to work within Lionstep’s agile environment and to support it in being reactive.”

Selma Mohr will assist Lionstep in digital marketing and communication as Senior Marketing Manager. Selma’s background in digital media management and experience in content marketing, is going to support Lionstep in building a valuable online presence. 

Selma on her new role: “The digital world is reshaping the future of work. As a digital marketer there are new skills I need to develop, such as growth hacking, digital psychology, customer experience, video marketing or UX. Lionstep provides a great opportunity to apply these skills with it’s forward thinking approach and willingness to continuously progress to new results.” 

We are excited for them to have joined our team and look forward to working together!