These are the advantages of a recruiter

Alexander Mazzara 29, Jul 2022 8 min

Companies often have to contend with a shortage of skilled workers when it comes to filling important vacancies. Or positions remain unfilled because an appropriately placed job advertisement does not strike a chord with the candidate. Lionstep as a recruiter is the link between companies and talents. 

Another scenario: Your company is expanding, and you need a lot of employees at once. Or, as a large company, you regularly have to fill many new positions. This is a daily challenge for HR departments as well. 

The advantages offered by a competent recruiter are enormous for companies. Shortened time-to-hire, cost savings, access to a lot of talent, market knowledge and experience – and the list goes on.

Lionstep has redefined the principle of recruitment with a great team of employees. What this means and why we do more than a mere recruiter – more about that here in the article.

Recruitment at the next level 

Management professions, just like many other occupational fields, are affected by an acute shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland. Whether marketing, development, sale, and distribution or finance – the list of jobs in demand can be continued endlessly. And every company has its own unique requirements for its vacant positions.

Often, in-house HR departments cannot handle the workload associated with hiring themselves. This can have various reasons: 

  • Too many vacancies need to be filled. 
  • There are too few personnel in the HR department. 
  • There are too many applications to sift through and select individually. 

And this is where Lionstep comes into play. Active Sourcing is the method we use for you in a process-controlled manner with our in-house platform. We search for the right talents for your company. In doing so, we rely on digital processes as much as on the experience and empathy of our employees.

Do you want to find the right talents for your company as quickly and cost-effectively as possible? Contact us! Together we will define the parameters that will lead you to success in your personnel search. 

What distinguishes Lionstep from a simple recruiter? 


To put it in concrete terms: We offer more than simple recruitment agencies. Since our founding in Zurich in 2016, our company has been growing at a rapid pace. What is the reason for this? Quite simply: our success. Both talents and companies recognize the empathy, know-how and professionalism that go into our work. 

Where it is possible, we rely on digital processes. For example, our system creates meaningful analyses of your job ads. How many responses are there? What feedback do talents give about the job ad? Does it need to be adjusted so that it attracts the interest of suitable talents?

We monitor each one of our job searches and stay in personal contact with you. This way, you are always informed about the status quo of your searches. Have you found possible matching talents? Wonderful! 

Lionstep takes care of the first interview for you. We make sure that all talents really want to work for you and meet all the requirements you have defined. After these steps, we personally introduce you to the most suitable candidates.

Not convinced yet? Then read about the experience our scale-up customer Radicant had with Lionstep.

What is the difference between a job mediator and a recruiter? 


Recruiters support companies in consulting, placement and integration of employees. They are responsible for processing applications for employment promotion benefits. They are also in charge of advising employers on all matters relating to recruitment.

Job mediators in the classic sense work structurally with partly slow processes. They are the point of contact for people who want to get out of unemployment and into a meaningful employment. People who are actively seeking a job change are also their clients.

And what does Lionstep do? 

Lionstep addresses talents who are not looking for a job. But if you think of the methods of a classic headhunter, you’re wrong. With us, there are no file card drawers that are phoned through alphabetically. We also do not have the classic network of a headhunter, which usually results from many years in the industry. 

What we can do is new and different. We have discovered active sourcing as a secret to success, and have developed it further with our own personal signature. To do this, we have developed lots of technology to use this efficiently and scalable. 

We address talents in a targeted manner. To do this, we use various channels, both as a source and to address them. This way, we avoid having to make annoying calls that are not tailored precisely to talents and jobs. How exactly does this work?

  • Discussion and consultation of requirements for the position
  • Creation of a separate landing page per position in consultation with you 
  • Addressing of eligible talents – digitally and automated
  • Analysis of feedback from talents – process-controlled and transparent. You have insight into the status at any time in a dashboard.
  • Adaptation of the job advertisement in consultation with you, if necessary 
  • Pre-qualification of a talent by a recruiter in a video or telephone interview 
  • Presentation of a small circle of talents who are suitable for the position 

From here, you take over with the final interviews and subsequent hiring. 

How can Lionstep support talents as a recruiter? 


At Lionstep, we specialize in active sourcing of talents who are not looking for a job. Because the best talents are often employed in outstanding positions and see no need for a change. Our job is to create interest, to show new ways, to offer opportunities for further development.

For example, a good work-life balance can be an important criterion for a job change. The possibility of working abroad or in a home office also makes a change attractive.

If talented people want to be seen on the market, they can register in our talent pool. It serves as a source for our search for advertised positions. Other sources include job markets, social media and career portals. 

With a personal login, talents can also enrich their own profile. With the help of our consulting and placement services, nothing stands in the way of a successful process. 

What are the costs of Lionstep’s services as a recruiter agency? 

With Lionstep, you only pay for what you actually get. We have also optimized this process and made it transparent. Various options come into consideration on a tailor-made basis. Talents can book the Starter Kit for career consulting for the job search for only €150. This includes:

  • individual needs assessment 
  • personal career coaching 
  • access to our talent pool 

Depending on the needs and available budget, the Emergency Kit and Advanced Advice packages are also available for flexible use. 

Do you want to benefit from our flexible pricing as a company? Then contact us or find out more about our prices. However, thanks to the digitalized form, Lionstep manages to offer around 50 percent below the price of common recruitment agencies.

Recruitment with Lionstep: What can we do for your company? 

Efficient recruiting is the be-all and end-all for successful companies. You want to expand and need qualified personnel quickly? You want to fill a new management position and can’t find suitable talents? But you don’t want to invest too much time or too much budget in your personnel search. 

Lionstep is your contact when it comes to efficient and customized talent search. Whether as a talent or a company, we look forward to getting to know you. And we’d love to go on a successful talent search with you.

Do you have any questions about our services, or would you like to find out more about what we offer? Our experts are at your disposal via contact form for a non-binding, consultative talk. Get in touch with us! 

As an ambitious candidate ready for change, you will discover interesting job offers on our job board.