Lionstep Recruiting: What the future of recruiting is about

Alexander Mazzara 24, Nov 2020 6 min
lionstep recruiting

Lionstep recruiting: What the future of recruiting involves

We are not another “headhunter”. We are not another “AI recruiting tool”. Instead, we are a service trusted by companies and loved by candidates.

We have developed a technology-driven sourcing approach that optimizes recruiting, while maintaining the best candidate experience possible.

96% of candidates feel Lionstep communication is innovative, helpful, and friendly.

More specifically, we source candidates globally that are qualified & interested to work with you.

Now, many service providers claim to have “digitized” and “optimized” recruiting. So what makes Lionstep so unique?



We use data-driven decision-making by analyzing all processes and providing support to our clients with best practices and suggestions on improvement. Our transparency is facilitated through the Lionstep platform, which traces all steps made. For example, clients can see the reasons for candidate rejections, including industry benchmarks for comparison. This helps adjust job descriptions based on market data. At Lionstep we develop continuous best practices, focused on assessments, predictive analytics, mobile recruiting, and more.

Multi-Channel Sourcing: 

We use a multi-channel search approach, meaning we contact qualified candidates where it’s best to reach them. Whether it is through LinkedIn, Stackflow, or with the help of social media ads. Our platform helps us go through hundreds of thousands of profiles, using smart algorithms to sort out “best matching” candidates. This is where AI technology comes into play. It’s a process we have gained so much experience with over years and are very proud of. 

Personally Vetted Candidates:

Even though we use technology to conduct the first “search”, our expert recruiters also personally speak to matched candidates in a call to ensure accurate qualification. Our expert recruiters have already talked with thousands of candidates and know exactly how to quickly understand what the candidate is interested in and how the position can be attractive for them. We decided to keep this “personal call” within recruiting (and not automate this!) in order to ensure we really listen and communicate with talents to achieve the best qualification. In the end, it should be a “Win-Win” for both talent and company. 

Focus on the Candidate Experience: 

We see the candidate experience holistically, starting from the first contact, extending to the call with a recruiter and even including anything the candidate might search online regarding the employer brand. 

One of the most complex parts in active sourcing is the initial outreach to candidates. It is the part many companies are struggling with because one wrong move can make or break the opportunity. Here we use innovative methods of marketing and communication to inspire talents for a first call. A personalized messaging approach, including the job description we share with candidates, both inspire interest for booking a first call. We use real-time feedback from candidates to continuously develop our processes. Whether it is A/B testing messaging, job description pages or using candidate surveys.

Reduced costs without affecting quality: 

We don’t charge commissions on the candidate’s annual salary. We believe this does not align incentives, as traditional headhunters are inclined to connect companies with candidates based on a higher salary, to increase their commission. While inefficiencies and conflicting incentives have long been present in the recruiting industry, we are changing the status-quo through a new pricing model. 

At Lionstep, we work 100% performance based with the “as-a-service” model, our criteria being, the candidate is: qualified, interested and available. Clients can purchase credits flexibly and use them whenever they want to fill a position. A credit is only taken if the candidate is validated by fulfilling all the criteria. 

Our above-mentioned digitized processes allow for a much lower price and no on-success fees. Our clients save 3x the costs they usually have with recruiting.

Scalability & Flexibility

Each company has different requirements, goals and different levels of inhouse recruiting capabilities. At Lionstep, we have developed a scalable recruitment process that enables fast and efficient up/or down scaling, while remaining compliant within the scope of the DSGVO. This is exactly why we chose the “as-a-service” model, as it allows companies to flexibly apply the Lionstep Service Credits whenever they need. We adapt to agile business needs and also integrate within existing ATS and internal processes. 

The recruiting process step by step – Finding, attracting and evaluating candidates:

  1. The position and ideal candidate profile definition: For this to be as accurate as possible, we coordinate details with our clients. We have optimized this process, to be seamless for our clients and at the same time get all the relevant information together.
  2. The “candidate identification”: We use a multi-channel search approach, to pre-qualify suitable candidates based on the specific job profile criteria. Our technology-driven sourcing helps identify “best matching” candidates fast and effectively.
  3. The first contact with matching candidates: We take over one of the most challenging parts in active sourcing, the initial contact to candidates. We personalize the first contact approach with best practices designed for specific roles, industries, and career levels.
  4. The first call: The first call scheduling is seamless and another vital part of the candidate journey. We focus on providing the best first impression, really ensuring the interview is a dialogue. Once a candidate fulfills all the job criteria, they get validated for the position. Did you know: our expert recruiters are also searched on google quite frequently. Interesting observations, right? 
  5. The validation: After being “validated” by our recruiters in a personal call, the candidate is presented to the company (our client). Now the company can directly hire, or invite the candidate for another personal interview round. 

Lionstep Recruiting: Major HR Recruiting End-Goals Lionstep helps deliver:

  • Quality of HR recruiting processes: We see there is a desire to improve the quality of HR recruiting processes, especially the so-called “candidate experience” as it’s becoming increasingly relevant to differentiate the employer brand. 
  • Make better use of existing resources and thus reduce costs.
  • Gain more time for strategic tasks: Automate operational and administrative activities to gain more time for strategic tasks.
  • Allow for adoption of agile business needs: Whether fast up-scaling or down-scaling is required. We provide the people, processes, technologies to recruit the best talent.

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