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Radicant Bank. A forward-thinking organization committed to enabling individuals to lead lives that positively impact our planet and society
Grounded in the principles of sustainability, Radicant strives to understand and support the evolving passions, needs, and life goals of each individual. Through the integration of cutting-edge technology and a strong focus on collective knowledge, Radicant serves as a trusted companion and guide, aligning lifestyles with global sustainability goals.

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Lionstep's Collaboration with Radicant

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Switzerland, Portugal



Client Since

2020 - still in stealth mode

Personalvermittlung online
>20 +

Number of hirings

206 +

Number of talents presented

11842 +

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Exceptional Service from Lionstep: A Satisfied Customer Speaks Out

"I am a Lionstep hire myself and truly like collaborating with Lionstep. The team efficiently supported us in finding qualified talents. The platform was user-friendly and enabled us to find the perfect candidate for our open position. Lionstep's professionalism and dedication exceeded our expectations. We look forward to future partnerships and wholeheartedly recommend Lionstep."

Carina Hütte

Head of People & Culture


Challenge: Scale fast, recruit for all levels and skills in two geographical regions

As a rapidly growing company, recruiting top talent has been a central challenge, further compounded by the need to recruit internationally. Lionstep supported > 50 recruiting processes, from founding-partners to the Head of People and Culture that started implementing first processes and software. In addition to scaling the Swiss Team, a Portuguese Development Team was created to profit from exceptional European talent.


Lionstep partnered with Radicant to tackle these challenges head-on. Together, we proactively constructed a talent pipeline, ensuring that Radicant's workforce grew in the given timeframe.


Approaching talents already without a brand and before actual company foundation

ATS Implementation, together with Head of Culture and People

High-Quality Talent Pool: Ensured top-tier talent

Optimized Hiring: Data-driven process enhancements

Employer Brand: Compelling job page and ads

Candidate Feedback & Assessments: Enhanced selection process

Our collaboration with Radicant transformed recruitment challenges into opportunities for growth, helping Radicant fulfill its mission of guiding individuals towards a sustainable future.


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