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Targeted and Efficient: Recruiting for Victorinox.

About Victorinox:

High-quality products from a Swiss pioneer.


Unique and high-quality products from a Swiss pioneer for everyday adventures worldwide. Victorinox is a globally active family business, now in its fourth generation of management. The company not only produces the world-famous pocket knives, but also high-quality household and professional knives, watches, travel luggage, and perfumes.

As a recruitment specialist, Lionstep supports us in identifying exceptional profiles that we want to attract to our brand. Lionstep has a deep understanding of the industry and an extensive network, and I appreciate the competent and straightforward collaboration.

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Lionstep's Collaboration with Victorinox

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Lionstep as a Recruitment Partner: A Customer Testimonial

"Due to the different product categories and specialties, our field of action is very complex and the challenge goes far beyond mere employee recruitment. It's about finding top talents that are not necessarily reached through traditional recruitment channels. This task was extremely demanding until we had Lionstep by our side. They proved to be an invaluable partner with their deep understanding of talent acquisition, industry-specific expertise, and agility in responding to changing requirements. Lionstep provides excellent support in recruiting for specialized job profiles. They handle direct approaches and initial interviews, and ultimately deliver a curated pre-selection of suitable candidates. The cooperation is characterized by trust, respectful openness, and a good feedback culture. It's great that we can rely on such a strong partner!"

Andrea Schneeberger

HR Business Partner


Challenge: Identification of Suitable Candidates in a Complex Environment.

n the dynamic industry characterized by precision, craftsmanship, and innovation in products, the challenge extends far beyond mere employee recruitment. It's about finding and attracting top talents who not only meet technical standards but also embody a commitment to excellence in all product lines. Andrea Schneeberger, as an HR Business Partner, is all too familiar with these challenges: "This task proved to be extremely demanding until Lionstep was involved. Lionstep contributed to identifying talents who meet both the technical standards and our demands for excellence. With their deep understanding of talent acquisition, industry-specific expertise, and agility in changing requirements, Lionstep proved to be an invaluable partner. Thanks to Lionstep, the search could be elevated to a new level, ensuring excellence in recruitment."


Lionstep's solution included a variety of measures. In addition to a comprehensive active approach to talent in active sourcing and a multi-channel strategy with programmatically placed ads, central optimization of searches is an important component. The following was implemented as a solution:


Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Creation and optimisation of job descriptions

Multichannel-job ads

Centralised Analytics

Multilingual Screening Processes

This approach has helped to successfully implement recruitment for Victorinox.


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