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Flexible and Diverse: Recruiting for Hapimag

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Pioneers of the Sharing Economy for Vacation Rentals

As pioneers of the sharing economy, Hapimag is a team of over 1,800 people and approximately 120,000 members. Their common goal: To provide a high-quality and sustainable holiday experience. Together, Hapimag utilizes 56 different holiday resorts in popular destinations across Europe – by the sea, in the mountains, or in cities.


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Lionstep as a Recruitment Partner: A Client Testimonial

"Lionstep is our trusted recruitment partner. They are continuously flexible and have consistently provided candidates who not only meet our technical requirements but also identify with our values. The ability to conduct the first screening interview in various languages and to have all processes at a centralized location makes Lionstep a great partner. As we continue to grow and expand, we are pleased to have Lionstep by our side to assist us in finding exceptional talents that will drive our success. We look forward to many more years of this partnership."

Judith Sattler

Recruiting Specialist

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Challenge: Diversity, Flexibility, and Multilingualism

Hapimag had the opportunity to collaborate with Lionstep for nearly two years. As a company operating in various countries with a diverse team, Hapimag faced unique challenges in terms of diversity, flexibility, and multilingualism. These challenges required a comprehensive understanding of a variety of positions – from system engineers to customer service staff and resort managers in different countries. The following was required for the collaboration:



Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Creation and optimisation of job descriptions

Multichannel job posting

Analytics to improve jobs over all departments and regions

Multilingual screening process

Lionstep Softskill-Assessment

The diversity in the workforce and job roles required a differentiated approach to recruitment, to ensure that the needs and expectations of different cultures and disciplines were met. Flexibility was crucial in quickly adapting to changing business requirements and market conditions. Moreover, multilingualism played a central role in communication and management within the international team, necessitating targeted selection and training of staff. These factors formed the core of the collaboration between Hapimag and Lionstep, with the latter providing customized recruitment solutions to meet these specific requirements.


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