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Build a Collaborative Work Environment

3 min. read
If you’re a business leader, you should share your vision, find new ways of doing and thinking, lead, and act with courage. But to make your vision a reality – you need to build a collaborative work environment.

HR Industry – What Changes to Expect in 2019

4 min. read
The HR Industry and the way we approach employee management is mostly going to be affected by technology in the years to come.

Invest in Your Employees with these 6 Unique Tips

4 min. read
To invest in your employees means to invest in the future of your organization. A good employee is a happy employee, and a contented employee is more likely to stay.

Streamline your Hiring Process using Artificial Intelligence

3 min. read
Every business owner is fully aware that finding a new employee is a lengthy process and they are constantly looking for ways to streamline the hiring process.

What to do when Hiring Peaks but Budget & Processes Remain the Same?

4 min. read
Getting through hiring peaks when you are in the HR department is a big tasks. Here is some help.

Lionstep opens first recruiting marketplace

We are opening our platform to third-party providers and expanding Lionstep into a recruiting marketplace. Good news, right?! Find more on that in our Blog Post.

Alexander Mazzara 06.09.2018

CNN Money Switzerland: How artificial intelligence can help find the right talent

Lionstep CEO Claudia Winkler in an interview with CNN Money Switzerland on how artificial intelligence can help find the right talent.

Alexander Mazzara 10.07.2018

What to Do When the Local Talent Market Is Scarce?

What to Do When the Local Talent Market Is Scarce? Finding local talent for your growing business is not always an easy thing to do. We see that in our Markets in Switzerland, Germany but in Spain too. In the 2016 Talent Trends report released by Randstad Sourceright, 72% of all HR directors surveyed said that […]

Alexander Mazzara 10.07.2018

3 Things You Should Do as a Startup to Hire as Fast as Possible

When a startup has found its product-market fit and is seeing consistent growth month after month, hiring new talent becomes a top priority. Unfortunately, however, this is often easier said than done. We have tips for you.

Alexander Mazzara 19.06.2018