Remote-first: Tips for structuring your Recruiting Remotely

Selma Mohr 17, Mar 2020 4 min
Remote recruitment process

Remote first recruitment process: Tips for structuring your recruiting remotely

At Lionstep, we’ve been working in “home office” for more than 10 days. Since our company and recruiting processes are set up digitally, we are lucky to have all the infrastructure set up for the remote-first recruitment process. 

We wanted to share our tips and tricks for creating the best environment so that your recruiters can find, analyze and talk with candidates effectively – all remote-first. 

Create clear guidelines on “remote-first processes”

In times of uncertainty always focus on communicating clearly. If you are planning on setting up “remote working”, then you need to express define certain expectations & the work environment. General rules can help departments and teams understand the specific needs of the company. 

  • Availability: When should your team me available?
  • Communication & Data Protection: What channels will be used for communication? Is this regulated in the company’s data protection guideline?
  • Tasks & Deadline: What tasks should be completed & until when?
  • Compensation: How will the work be tracked and compensation given? The agreement should include any cost coverage.

Don’t forget to communicate with your clients/customers, who might need reassurance regarding the availability and any service restrictions.

Include Management

Since managers are also role models for their team, they should specify the rules and expectations within their team. It is important to discuss any changes and cooperate on potential solutions. Team meetings should still take place. There are great tools for collaboration, video-conferencing and information processing. Managers should coordinate and maintain close contact with their team regularly.

Focus on creating a setup for productivity in your remote-first recruiting process

We know first-hand how important it is to set up all the processes digitally. In times like these, our services remain unchanged. Why? Because we ensured that all processes can be executed digitally and are tracked throughout. It is important to use tools/software that enable collaboration, with the infrastructure to work from anywhere. Of course, data needs to be hosted safely – so consider the right type of tools. 

Another way to boost productivity is to use “notifications” within your remote recruiting process. We communicate important events with our team based on certain “triggers”. Think about what these “triggers” could be within your recruiting. For example:

  • When someone visits your career page
  • Once a new candidate has applied
  • If a candidate has completed a feedback survey

If you share important events through a notification, your team will see the announcement and will be reminded to act immediately.

We have been talking with our clients and know that the current situation is creating an overload of tasks for HR. 

We see the HR teams struggling with:

  • Having flexible infrastructure to continue working remotely
  • Setting up daily organizational adjustments and queries from employees
  • Continuing recruiting processes in terms of analyzing active applications, setting up interviews online & providing feedback to candidates

We have therefore decided to support our customers with additional services to support their remote recruiting process and continue cultivating the candidate pipeline.

Support with active applications & conducting initial interviews (including soft-skill test)

We help recruiters with the incoming applications, by effectively evaluating and assessing all incoming candidates. Our Lionstep recruiters conduct an initial telephone interview with suitable candidates as usual, and can also perform a soft skill test. If required, we can take over the candidate rejection management to provide candidate feedback throughout. 

Support remote interviews: Organization of second interviews with the help of video conferencing 

We know that some clients are struggling with the required infrastructure to set up job interviews online. We can help set up the digital infrastructure for video conferences/interviews and organize second interviews between the candidates, HR and line managers. All you have to do is dial in/connect from your side.

Connect with us today to find out how we can support your recruiting processes and help you find the best candidates effectively.

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