Streamline your Hiring Process using Artificial Intelligence

Alexandra Vrinceanu 18, Dec 2018 3 min

Streamline your Hiring Process using Artificial Intelligence

Every business owner is fully aware that finding a new employee is a lengthy process, thus they are constantly looking for ways to streamline the hiring process. On average, it takes 33 days to hire someone in the information industry and 44.7 days in the financial sector. If we were to look at individual posts, however, the global average time to hire a designer or IT technician is 56 days.

What’s more, 72% of all HR directors consider talent scarcity as a real issue that has negatively impacted their business. When taking all of these figures into account, it immediately becomes apparent that something needs to be done.


But finding the right candidate, while considerably shortening the entire hiring process is no easy task. There are a multitude of factors that need to be taken into account. Between the reference checking, education, professional experience verification and many others, there is only so much time in the day to get everything ready and on time. All of these, of course, need to be done individually for each candidate, even before the actual interview.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

With the advent of new technologies such as AI and big data, more and more HR directors are streamlining their hiring process. The rise of automation no longer requires people to pre-screen dozens, if not hundreds of job applications to find the best fit. In other words, machine learning can bring more value by merely reducing the time it takes to hire a new employee.

Machine learning can also eliminate the bias-factor, thus, leveling the hiring playing field. Instead of subjectively choosing candidates that come from certain backgrounds, the algorithms focus mainly on skills and experience.

Streamline your Hiring Process with Lionstep

Lionstep is a company that specializes in precisely this process. When looking to streamline the hiring process, companies call on Lionstep to help. Unlike most recruiting agencies, we make use of specific software, AI and big data to screen potential candidates before they have the first interview with their future employer.

In our pre-qualification process, we will also check the salary expectations on both sides, so to make sure that everybody is on the same page. There is no point in interviewing if the salary expectations do not match.

Depending on the job description, Lionstep will also pre-screen candidates for any deal-breaking qualifications. This means checking the certain number of years in a given field, individual achievements, and so on. We will be asking “Killer Questions” that will exclude any candidates that do not fit into that particular position.

These questions can be easily answered by a simple yes or no. Some examples could be questions like “Do you have more than 5 years of experience working in a position of management?” or “Do you have a masters degree in computer science?” If the candidates do not qualify, they will be removed from the screening process, thus streamlining the entire operation and making it easier down the line.


All of these will ensure that by the time the one-on-one interviews happen, all candidates are cherry-picked to fit every one of your expectations. By extension, this will significantly shorten the hiring process, saving you a ton in costs and wasted hours.

If you are interested in a demo version of what Lionstep has to offer, visit our website or contact us via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.