Skilled candidates are more important now than before the crisis

Selma Mohr 23, Apr 2020 3 min

Skilled candidates are more important now

We see many industries that are still hiring skilled candidates even in times of crisis. Everyone is desperately looking for digital- and IT know-how, as it is clear now more than ever, that businesses have to be agile and digital first. Some are only now realizing how powerful digitization is and what advantages it offers them. 

In many companies there is a lack of skilled workers, which means that there are currently many job opportunities for top talents. And never before, is the chance higher to find skilled people, who might be available in the market against all expectations.

Our tips to improve your recruiting – and take on the challenges now:

  • Candidates despite budget restrictions: Continue your recruiting processes to keep your candidate funnel open for new applications. An empty pool of applicants means that you will need a longer time later to acquire the right people. Be ready when the need for new talent rises.

  • Attracting top talent: In times like these, some top talents are available on the market against all expectations. Keep your jobs online and be sure to find these top candidates, and secure them. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

  • Improve processes: Right now you can show how efficiently you work and save a lot of time with tools that empower digitization, such as Lionstep. Analyze your recruiting funnel and see what you can do to optimize your processes and source over various channels.

  • Save costs: Our clients are carefully thinking about the expensive services they use. Once you use data in hiring, and actually look at what you can improve, you might find opportunities to cut costs. Our post on HR analytics might be helpful for that. Lionstep’s pricing is 3x lower than traditional headhunters – why? Because we cut costs through digitization and automations.

  • Continue providing feedback: In times like these, your actions demonstrate your company culture. Show your candidates that you care. At Lionstep, we ensure feedback is given to candidates, and it’s no wonder that this is one of the major points mentioned in the positive candidate ratings we receive.

  • Reject candidates gracefully: Of course, it’s impossible to provide each candidate with personal feedback. Nevertheless, you need to provide at least some form of feedback, as this is associated with your employer brand directly. Are you caring, compassionate and respectful? Think about how you can manage disappointment and provide a pleasant experience that is memorable.

Recruiting works in times of Corona

It can still be carried out professionally, target-oriented and lead to great results. Digital processes and digital working are increasing. If you think about it, the current time offers opportunities to improve in all aspects and would probably not have arisen in a normal working day.

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