Attract more applicants & Set applicants up for success

Selma Mohr 9, Jun 2020 5 min
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Find out how to attract more applicants by improving your candidate experience.

Why it’s important to set applicants up for success:

Finding a new job and then deciding to apply for one is an important life decision. It can be a stressful process, and many candidates might feel overwhelmed. You need to ensure that everything is done on your side to make this process welcoming and as easy as possible. This is why we will share actionable tips on how to set applicants up for success, which in turn will improve the candidate experience – a Win-Win for both you and candidates!

Did you know: 78% of candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people. 

How to do it 

  • Be clear on what you expect from the candidate: If you are receiving applications that don’t fit to your job description – then you might be doing something wrong. Look closely at the job description – are you being clear on the profile requirements? Check out our blog post on how to create an effective job description in 3 steps.
  • Provide potential candidates with tips on how to prepare: If you take away any uncertainty and fear, you will increase your chances of applications coming your way. Explain your application processes and any stages involved. Add a disclaimer for any tasks or coding challenges you expect them to solve for the application. You could also provide tips on what you look for in a CV or resume – so they can prepare better. This is especially helpful for candidates who might be good for the role but not too strong in application processes.
  • A great UI/UX on your career page or application website: Use your web analytics, to find out at what stage applicants leave your career site or stop the process entirely. Are you asking too much or are you being too repetitive? Think from a candidate perspective and make sure this experience is flawless. Of course, you should also provide a confirmation once you receive the application and also leave the chance open for them to withdraw from the process if they wish to.

Create great experiences – especially during your interviews

Once you made sure the first application process was a great experience, the next step is to make your interviews effective and memorable – in a good way! Candidates tend to be most nervous at this stage, so take away their fear and create an environment that makes them feel at ease. This will help candidates perform better, and might help them open up to show their authentic selves.

How to do it 

  • Scheduling an interview should be efficient and create excitement: Use a scheduling tool, so candidates can easily choose a time from your calendar. Once a meeting is booked, think about your confirmation email. Inform candidates about how the interview will be set up and share any relevant content about your company. If you can, send them a voucher or code to try out your product/service. This will help them understand your company better, so they can prepare focused questions for you. 
  • The first contact leaves a memorable impression: We often tend to forget that an interview process is a two-way street, as candidates are evaluating us too. Try to understand your candidates by asking them why they are looking for a new job, what’s important to them when working in a team and what they expect from their future employer? You can use that information to introduce the role, the team, the office and other parts tailored to them. 
  • Be ready to answer their questions: Share accurate and specific information about the role, and relevant details about your company culture/work environment. Help them evaluate this job role for themselves too. They should be able to figure out themselves, whether they match to the job/company or not. 
  • Provide context in your questions: don’t simply ask them what experiences they have with a tool, instead tell them about the tools you use and why – then ask them what they have used and what they recommend. Asking questions with a context, gives candidates time to think about what they want to say and also makes them understand you as an employer better. 

When sourcing candidates and scheduling an interview – some changes might apply. Since you already established the candidate is qualified, there might be more sales involved, to make the position very attractive. Check out relevant tips for job interviews with sourced candidates here.  

At Lionstep we focus on providing the best candidate experience. To do this, constant feedback is required. We conduct regular surveys to find out what we can improve. Overall, 96% of candidates feel Lionstep communication is innovative, helpful, and friendly. Interested to learn more? Get in touch with us today, to source the best talents!

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