Modern recruiting doesn’t come off the rack

From analysis to talent search, from Interview to onboarding: Outsource tasks with Recruitment Process Outsourcing and tailor your recruitment to suit your company.

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Relieve HR

Relieve HR

Plan personnel requirements

Plan talent requirements


Lower costs per hire

Scaling Processes

Scale processes


On average, it takes 3 months from initial contact to onboarding a talent

Man and Woman Talking to Each Other

Before that, recruiting managers planned talent needs, developed job profiles, talked to a gazillion departments, put up job applications and actively searched for suitable candidates for weeks.

Man and Woman Talking to Each Other


The thing is: In day-to-day business, you often have to fill more than just one position


Even several hundred, maybe. The result?

burned-out staff

unnoticed job offers

lengthy recruiting processes

money down the drain

Outsource all or part of your recruitment to us – with scalable Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). And relieve your HR, attract sought-after specialists and find suitable talent faster through Active Sourcing. Whether for one or 150 open positions.

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The good feeling when recruitment runs by itself

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Customized from Start-Up to Enterprise

Small businesses and start-ups scale their processes with RPO from the beginning to find suitable talent. As an established company or enterprise, you strategically plan and manage high staffing requirements and applicant inflows, improve the candidate experience and relieve your recruiters.


For recruiting that simply grows with you

Do your talent needs vary? Are you expanding into new markets, looking for professionals with a specific skill set, or do you need 100 employees at short notice? RPO is scalable and adapts to your development.


More knowledge, less guesswork

RPO provides you with tangible data and forward-looking analytics based on your recruiting activities. You’ll learn why talent turns down, which interview questions are essential and how you can improve the candidate experience to convince sought-after talent.


Matching talent when you need it

Don't wait until things go crazy to start your talent search: With RPO, you can continuously fill your talent pool with relevant candidates, whom we can contact for you at any time if necessary. This increases the chance of a hit and shortens your time-to-hire.

Support, as much as you want

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Use RPO as part of a project with short-term high staffing needs or to assist with particularly hard-to-fill positions.


Partial Cycle

Need help with interview preparation? Demand planning? Active Sourcing? Recruiting in a specific region? Outsource individual processes and tasks of your recruitment to us.


Full Cycle

Recruitment All-inclusive! Put your entire recruitment process in experienced hands. From the initial analysis to a clear talent acquisition strategy, Active Sourcing and data-based further development of your recruiting.

Ilka Sauer

Lionstep has succeeded in digitizing recruitment in a sustainable and efficient way.

At the same time, personal contact between recruiters and candidates remains an integral part of the candidate experience, which is unique in the market. Through Lionstep, we can be sure to always meet candidates who are qualified, motivated, and who match on a personal level our business culture.

Ilka Sauer

HR Director DACH

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When recruiting, you don't have to do everything yourself. Get targeted support.

With Recruitment Process Outsourcing from Lionstep.

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