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Active vs. passive candidates

3 Core factors in active sourcing

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Active Sourcing

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Ever wondered how active sourcing is different to other recruiting methods? Find out what processes are involved. Lionstep's best practices included...

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Companies treat candidates from different acquisition channels the same. 

That is a big mistake. Discover all you need to know about sourcing candidates...




top talents are off the market within just 10 days. Find out why fast feedback is crucial 

in staying competitive.

of candidates are open to learn more about new opportunities, while only 36% of candidates are actively searching for a new job.

the number of candidates we screen in a month. Our recruiting experts know what it takes to source top talents.


Employer Reviews

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Ever wondered how to respond to employer reviews on Glassdoor or Kununu? Find out what processes are involved. Lionstep's best practices included...

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Show that you have an amazing employer brand & value your employees

Why does all of this matter? Check out some interesting statistics below...




of job seekers say the reputation of an employer brand is important when deciding to apply for a job.

Glassdoor users agree,

their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review.

of companies believe employer brand & reputation positively/negatively impacts revenue.

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