Architecting a qualified workforce.

Lionstep’s best-in-class RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services enables businesses to attract and hire the best talent faster. We design a service that is customized to your talent needs, derived from your unique business goals.


What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Lionstep’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provides a scalable way to acquire professional talent, focusing on every step of the hiring process. Depending on the structure of internal teams and business needs, the RPO service can support part or all of your permanent workforce hiring.

The entire streamlined RPO starts with a comprehensive company analysis, identifying talent requirements, followed by efficient sourcing and screening, until the best talents are hired and complete the onboarding process.

Lionstep’s RPO delivers measurable results through an agile talent acquisition strategy that evolves according to your business and markets.

The benefits of Lionstep’s RPO

Customized Service Design

Find a service that matches your talent needs. We offer a single point of contact for all recruiting needs and integrate seamlessly into existing processes.

Flexible Up-/Down Scaling

We enable clients to scale fast & effectively based on hiring needs. Covering all phases of the talent relationship, whether for growth, market opportunities or specialized skills.

Technology Infrastructure

Our technology provides data-driven insights, predictive analytics and connects all aspects of the recruitment process together, to provide reliable talent intelligence.

Sustainable Talent Pipeline

A sustainable talent pool through multi-channel sourcing and continuous recruitment marketing strategies, designed to support the employer brand and uplift the candidate experience.

Optimize your recruiting today!


Our RPO services

Recruitment process outsourcing can cover as much or as little as you want. Our services are designed to adapt to your individual business needs.

On-Demand Project Based

We provide focused support for your projects, such as fast scaling, peak hiring, hard-to-fill positions or during challenging periods. Attracting and sourcing the best talents to meet your specific project needs.


Partial-Cycle Based

Selectively choose the recruitment process for which you require our strategic and dynamic support. Whether outsourcing the hiring process for a specific recruiting function, business unit, geographic region or niche skill set. Together, we improve your team’s scalability and optimize your processes.


Full-Cycle Based

Strategic planning and management of the entire talent acquisition. Establishing a clear talent acquisition strategy, full-cycle execution and continuous development through data-driven insights. While we are committed to provide service excellence, we are also driven to deliver the best candidate experience possible.


Lionstep’s technology- driven RPO

We combine the best of tech and human through our expert recruiters and technology-driven sourcing. Digital touchpoints are embedded seamlessly through the entire candidate journey, leveraging AI, predictive analytics, recruitment marketing and ATS integration.


Our Clients Love to Roar

Lionstep has managed to digitize recruiting in a sustainable and efficient way. At the same time, the personal contact between recruiters and candidates remains an integral part of the candidate experience, which is unique on the market. Through Lionstep, we can be sure to always meet candidates who are qualified, motivated and match on a personal level to our business culture.

Ilka Sauer

HR Director DACH / Prokuristin

Lionstep perfectly fits into our business philosophy: Work is for bots, life is for humans. Machines take over the work and let us concentrate on the humans. Lionstep enables us to talk to outstanding talents.

Kristian Kabashi

Managing Director Digital

Lionstep supports us to get access to local and international talents in the fields of Technology and Communications in a convenient and transparent way.

Claudio Zinsli


Lionstep significantly contributes to the improvement of recruiting processes, giving them more coherence and putting them in a true digital context.

Emilio Froján

Business Development

Lionstep is a highly innovative and powerful tool for the recruiting of profiles. The use of Big Data in recruiting processes has shown us excellent results, and has facilitated the identification of the candidates that best suit our open positions.

Florie Saulnier

Global HR