Recruitment: How does it work?

Alexander Mazzara 13, Sep 2022 7 min
Recruitment: How does it work?

With recruitment, HR professionals are responsible for an essential part of HR management. Thus, recruitment is crucial for the strategic and operational personnel orientation of a company.

HR experts are currently facing a number of challenges. One of them is the shortage of skilled workers, which is also making itself clearly felt in the USA. This makes it difficult to adequately fill management positions. If many positions have to be filled at once, things sometimes get dicey. This happens when new branches or start-ups are opened.

As a consequence of the shortage of skilled workers, the war of talents is occupying HR departments throughout the USA. How can companies manage to attract the best talents? Potential candidates know that they have a choice. They no longer jump at the first job offer. Instead, talented individuals can cherry-pick among the job offers.

It is therefore extremely important for companies to present themselves with outstanding employer branding. Training measures, involvement in social projects, error culture, incentives, corporate philosophy, new-work topics – talents look closely.

The hurdles are high. So, how can companies be strategically aligned and operationally successful in recruitment?

How does modern recruitment work? 


War of talents, shortage of skilled workers and new work are topics that US companies have to deal with. This does not only affect the largest companies. Medium-sized companies, small businesses and start-ups must also adapt to the circumstances.

Put a job ad in the newspaper and wait – those days are over. Modern recruitment is much more. It starts with strategic, long-term planning:

  • What is the vision of the company?
  • What goals are to be set?
  • What requirements must be planned for this?
  • What budget is required?
  • When must recruitment be completed at the latest?
  • How are capacities in the HR department sensibly distributed and tied up?

Strategic personnel planning often brings another aspect to light that makes recruitment even more difficult. Namely, HR departments are often overburdened. A high workload with too few staff and simultaneous cost pressure can lead to sick leave or burnout.

Modern recruitment therefore starts with relieving personnel managers in such a way that recruitment can be prioritized. Another approach can be to outsource recruitment. Lionstep offers customized solutions for both approaches.  

Active Sourcing: finding talent, saving time and costs 


Imagine for a moment that suitable talents simply knock on your door. And this happens without the tedious process of sifting through applications, rejections and multiple rounds of job interviews. With Lionstep and Active Sourcing, this utopia becomes reality.

We approach talents for you and make an initial selection. We include talents who are not a good fit into our talent pool. This enables us to offer these candidates more suitable positions in the future. This is one of the many reasons why we accentuate a good client experience. You always meet twice in life.

Do some talents fit for your advertised position? Wonderful! We will be happy to introduce you to these candidates. The final decision is up to you. Be happy about your new top talent and the optimal filling of your vacant position!

Our optimized processes and contact with suitable talent enable us to recruit quickly. The positive consequences are obvious. Time and costs are saved, positions do not remain unfilled, your corporate goal can be pursued according to plan.

Not convinced yet? Then read about the experience our scale-up customer Radicant had with Lionstep.

RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing entirely on demand 

With RPO, you outsource your recruitment processes – exactly as needed. Many of our client companies book us for specific projects. These can be branch openings or the development of new markets. Recruitment that requires a special qualification profile can also be outsourced to us as a project.  

You have also the option of partially outsourcing the recruiting processes. Do you want to say goodbye to the time-consuming process of job interviews? Do you need someone to reliably handle accounting or find personnel for you in a specific region? Contact us. By partially outsourcing your recruitment, you free up space for your priorities.

What are the sources of recruitment? 


The labor market is empty, advertised positions cannot be filled. Often enough, this is a common scenario – usually just when positions need to be filled urgently. As a professional recruiter, Lionstep can use a variety of sources to find suitable talents.

Social media, job boards, career portals or our talent pool are just a few of them. Our knowledge of the market and our experience allow us to address suitable candidates for your positions at any time.

In addition to this, we offer talents the opportunity to find out about vacancies via a personal portal login. On our website, companies present themselves in their own employer branding. If talents have any questions about the jobs, they contact us. We conduct non-binding and neutral interviews, and if it fits, contact is made with the company.

Which recruitment processes can be automated?

One of the secrets of our modern, efficient and cost-effective recruitment lies in the automation of certain processes. This includes, for example, the pre-selection of potential candidates, collecting feedback, optimizing job descriptions, controlling various channels and more. Data analysis is also automated. Our customers benefit from clearly arranged lists:

  • How many talents respond to a job advertisement?
  • What feedback is there on the job ad?
  • Comparative values to the market
  • What is the current status of the recruiting process?

Guess less, know more: With automated processes and scalable data analysis, our customers always have an advantage. Contact us and learn more about your options!

Where are empathy and expertise required? 

Process automation always reaches its limits when human empathy is required. Interested talents have queries about job offers or want to know more details. Our specialists contact the talents, explain everything worth knowing and answer questions.

It is important to us that we establish direct, personal and appreciative contact with the candidates. Our client companies also benefit from an outstanding client experience. After all, the best advertising for a company is advertising from talent to talent.

We are also available to you as a company at any time. You can view the current status of your recruitments digitally at any time. However, we will be happy to discuss any questions you may have. We gladly inform you about the next steps, additional services or new ideas in a personal meeting. Let’s talk about your recruitment needs!

Recruitment with Lionstep: Customized and affordable personnel solutions

The pricing is not a trivial point for our services. Our packages are clearly laid out, and payment is based on a transparent prepaid principle. This means that you only pay for what you actually get.

Thanks to the synergy of automated processes and human empathy, we are able to offer our services at a reasonable price. Compared to traditional recruitment agencies, our clients save up to 50 percent on recruitment costs. 

We look forward to talking to you about your individual personnel solution. We are happy to be at your disposal at any time via our contact details. Whether Active Sourcing or RPO, whether as a candidate or as a company – let us plan your future!

If you’re a candidate looking for a job change, take a look at our job board with a variety of job offers.