How to identify a good recruiting service

Selma Mohr 19, Dec 2019 4 min
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Best recruitment services – What to look out for

For many companies, the search for candidates is a very complex and time-consuming process. In Germany, IT jobs remain vacant for an average of 5 months. According to the latest study on the job market for IT specialists by the digital association Bitkom, 82,000 IT jobs are currently vacant throughout Germany. Recruiting services can support companies in situations like these, to find qualified candidates for positions that are difficult to employ. As a growing recruiting service, we at Lionstep yearly talk to around 15,000 candidates for client-specific qualification and interest check. With our experience in recruiting, we want to share some insights with you on how to identify a good recruiting service.

Best recruitment services should have the following skillls:

  • Competence in researching 
  • Being fast
  • Mastering the best techniques
  • Being discreet

People Skills & Sensitivity 

Recruiting services should have an excellent understanding of people and job profiles. The search for candidates is complex, so recruiting services should have expertise of different industries and accordingly the different hierarchies.

We at Lionstep have been asked this question many times: Why use recruiting services when we have our own human resources department?


A professional recruiting service doesn’t just go around contacting people but analyzes the vacancy and identifies a criterion. After the pre-selection of suitable candidates, a first interview is set up. Recruiting services should take into account that not every professionally suitable candidate fits into the company on a personal level. 

Therefore it is crucial to find out what the talent is looking for and does not like in their current job. Is the current position lacking opportunities for growth or is the work-life balance not reasonable? Furthermore, a recruiter should consider two questions: whether the candidate fits the company and whether the company fits the candidate.


Top talents are usually not looking for a new job. Such candidates are considered to be “passive” candidates and must therefore be tracked down and convinced of the new job opportunity. In this case, recruiting services can most easily guarantee anonymity and secrecy. 

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Recruiting services can keep a candidate’s application secret from their current company, while also keeping a company’s vacancy hidden from competitors.

Effective, fast and professional

The overall goal of any recruiting service is to identify the so-called “perfect fit” in the shortest possible time with the help of detailed research. Professional recruiters focus on quality rather than quantity and prioritize communication with the client to obtain very precise information about the vacancy. 

The best recruitment services know exactly what a company is looking for and ask the right questions. Even if the company is not aware of this, a vacancy could be representative of a particular problem which a recruiting service should be able to recognize. This can help in determining the exact characteristics for the desired candidate.

Due to their access to wider talent pools, recruiting services can deliver in higher speed.  Specialist recruiting firms have cultivated an extensive network. Their expertise and experience help uncover more of the hidden talent pool and widens a company’s reach.

Filling positions externally brings new perspectives

Many companies prefer internal recruitment because its often less expensive than external recruitment. However, an internal staffing will directly create the next personnel gap. Filling positions externally brings new perspectives to the company. When searching for candidates, it’s crucial to not to look for the same type and characteristics of current employees. A diverse candidate search will benefit a company, as it fosters innovation, new ideas and solutions.  

Nowadays, a company must “apply” to the desired candidate, as well as a desired candidate must convince the company of themselves. Top talents are not manufactured according to specifications, but instead all have individual characteristics and biographies. A professional recruiter can provide optimal support in filling vacancies through integrity, people skills and a lot of experience. 

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Attention‼️ Currently, scammers are contacting random candidates on WhatsApp on behalf of Lionstep. Read more about it in our blog