Pricing in Switzerland

Pay only for what you get

A 100% performance-based pricing
Your account works like a prepaid phone. You purchase credits and load up your Lionstep account. When you find a candidate you want you like, we call the candidate to see whether he or she is available and interested in your position.

You only have to pay if the candidate is interested and available. If not, you will not be charged at all.
Unlike job boards, where you may pay hundreds of Euros for a post that often bring only a few applicants that don't match you criteria, with Lionstep you have nothing to lose!

1 credit = 1 candidate that is interested and available

3 Credits Basic Support CHF 899 Buy 3 Credits
Most Popular 9 Credits Basic Support CHF 2350 Buy 9 Credits
15 Credits Basic Support CHF 3900 Buy 15 Credits
24 Credits Basic Support CHF 5900 Buy 24 Credits
48 Credits Premium Support CHF 11100 Buy 48 Credits
72 Credits Premium Support CHF 15100 Buy 72 Credits
150 Credits Premium Support CHF 30750 Buy 150 Credits