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Alexander Mazzara 26, Oct 2022 7 min

Lionstep offers recruiting that simply grows with you. Your need for talent varies. Are you expanding into new markets, looking for professionals with a specific skill set, or need 100 employees on short notice? Do you want to realign your recruitment? We are scalable and adapt to your development. 

One of our absolute strengths is our flexibility. The recruitment landscape is changing at a speed that demands reactions. An example: The job description of a headhunter is characterized by a certain reputation. Proactively and not infrequently aggressively, talents are called and “convinced” of the available position.  

The contacts for these telephone calls often originate from accumulated index cards which, in case of doubt, are no longer up to date. Another typical feature of this approach is that a headhunter personalizes the entire process from A to Z. He is in charge of everything from the initial contact to the (possible) interviews to the signing of the contract. From the initial contact to the (possible) interviews to the signing of the contract, he is in charge.  

How does personnel recruiting work with Lionstep? 

The approach of modern recruitment methods are quite different. In the following, we are going to point them out. 

Active Sourcing 

The process in Active Sourcing is structured and clear: 

  • Companies recognize staffing needs. 
  • HR departments are overworked or proactively enlist the help of recruiters. 
  • A job advertisement is precisely defined. 
  • Process-driven methods are used to write to talent. 
  • Sources of contact include talent pool, social media, job fairs, career events, etc. 
  • Are the talents interested? Then they communicate it back. 
  • Lionstep enters into personal contact with the talents. 
  • A small group of suitable candidates is presented to the client.
  • The final decision is, of course, up to the company itself. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 


Another recruitment form is Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO. It is mainly used when high personnel requirements are defined. A very typical situation is the opening of a new branch. Also the development of new business areas or the expansion into new markets requires a filigree planning. 

20, 50 or 100 positions need to be filled at once? As a global player, you are regularly confronted with a high number of positions to be filled? As a start-up, do you urgently need personnel to become successful? Contact us and find your solution with RPO. 

The principle is simple: You outsource the recruitment process to us – either in full or in part. In this way, you relieve your HR department with recruitment, while the other pillars of personnel management remain the responsibility of your in-house professionals.  

Our advantage in recruitment is that we have the relevant market knowledge, the know-how and the necessary contacts. Recruitment is our absolute focus, here we support often overburdened HR departments in a meaningful and actionable way. 


Both active sourcing and RPO assume that talents are not actually looking for a job. It is different when candidates can imagine changing jobs. Our talent pool is available for this purpose. 

With a login for candidates, talents simply register on our platform. If we receive an inquiry that matches the candidate’s profile, we automatically get in touch. If there is interest, interviews will take place.  

If the talent is now in the desired employment relationship, we adjust the information in the pool accordingly. So why should it be complicated when it can be simple? 

Know more, guess less 

Lionstep provides you with tangible data and future-oriented analyses based on your recruiting activities. You will learn why talents turn down, which questions are essential in the interview, and how you can improve your candidate experience. This is how you can convince desirable talents of your company. How does it work? 

The one question we ask ourselves in order to make companies successful is: What do companies need from us? And the answer to this is clear: top talent, often within a short period of time and preferably with as little effort as possible. Our innovative way of working is based on this framework.  

A classic example is the job advertisement, which does not work at all. Although it is actually clearly formulated, there are either no applications or no positive feedback. And often enough, companies wonder what the reason for this could be.  

With the Lionstep methods, feedback from talents can be made visible – process-driven, analytical, detailed. Is the job description unattractive in its wording? Do talents wish for more attractive conditions? Away from diffuse guessing, towards results-oriented action – Lionstep delivers this advantage to its customers in an efficient and effective way. 

It is not uncommon for salary to be a set screw that can be turned for a successful job posting. Are ten years of professional experience and highly qualified grades required? But the budget is rather tight and so the salary is set in the low range? Feedback from the talent quickly provides information about realistic salary expectations. 

A head start through knowledge: As a company, you can benefit from the sources we can provide.   

Not convinced yet? Then read about the experience our scale-up customer Radicant had with Lionstep.

What is the cost factor of recruitment with us as a service provider? 


Recruiting, controlling and corporate management are naturally closely intertwined. The figures have to be right and presented transparently. That is why we have designed a cost system that is innovative in terms of both efficiency and transparency. 

Where recruitment often fails due to confusing commissions and hidden costs, with us you choose your service package yourself. You simply load a credit onto your account. Our services are charged transparently. This way you only pay for what you get – uncomplicated, unbureaucratic and clear. Our prices are based on a fair price-performance ratio. 

Of course, we are available to provide you with individual advice on pricing or your optimal approach without obligation. We also offer talented employees a great deal at a fair price. Our assessments support further development and thus the opportunity for well-paid, exciting jobs. 

Suitable talents when you need them 

Don’t wait until the proverbial fire to start your talent search. RPO Lionstep provides you with a continuous talent pool of relevant candidates. If necessary, we can contact them for you at any time. This not only increases the chance of a hit, but also shortens your time-to-hire. This in turn means significant cost savings in recruitment.  

Recruiting with Lionstep

Recruiting is part of human resources management, which consists of several pillars:  

  • Personnel planning and strategic alignment 
  • Recruiting
  • Management
  • Development and training
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Control through process-based data and feedback culture 

The crux is that HR departments – whether in smaller or large companies – are often overloaded or want to align themselves strategically. With our solutions, you can outsource processes partially or completely and concentrate on your focus.  

Let’s find your customized recruitment solution together! Contact us without commitment today! Let’s talk about your staffing needs. Our team of experts looks forward to getting to know your company! 

As an ambitious candidate ready for change, you will discover interesting job offers on our job board.