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Alexander Mazzara 26, Oct 2022 7 min

Companies choose RPO for very different reasons. Recruitment Process Outsourcing can make sense when: 

  • The need for talent varies. 
  • Companies are expanding into new markets and need skilled workers at short notice. 
  • Many employees are needed at a particular time, for example when opening a new branch.
  • HR departments need to be relieved of some or all of their workload.

RPO offers various advantages on different levels. Find out what these are and how RPO with Lionstep works exactly.

What are the advantages of RPO?

In a nutshell, RPO reduces costs and saves time. A closer look reveals the facts behind this statement.

Do you need to fill a vacancy for a key executive? As a rule, it takes about three months from receipt of the first application to hiring. This does not include the time it takes from identifying the need to placing the job ad. Nor does it take into account the fact that suitable talents have to apply for the position.

So it may well be that the position remains unfilled for months and HR capacities are tied up. This not only results in high costs, but also leaves other tasks undone.

Another example: Your company is expanding into new markets. Or the opening of a new branch is on the agenda. You know that you need to fill 100 positions in one fell swoop, for example. But where do you get the skilled personnel you need? Anyone in the HR department who has already mastered this challenge knows what an effort such a project can be.

RPO can be the solution here. Fully or partially outsourcing the recruiting process entails several consequences: 

  • The time-consuming search for specialist personnel is eliminated for HR departments.
  • If job ads do not work as desired, they are adjusted in close consultation.
  • Job ads do not remain open or orphaned.
  • Costs are reduced due to less time-to-hire.

What RPO services does Lionstep offer? 

Whether a start-up or global player: personnel requirements cause time and costs. Lionstep specializes in reducing the time-to-hire factor and cutting costs. How does it work?

RPO tailored from start-up to corporation


Improve the candidate experience, relieve recruiters, fill positions faster – with RPO, this is possible. And tailor-made from start-ups to global players. Detailed planning is at the very beginning, after that it’s up to Lionstep as the recruiter, 

  • identify suitable talents from various sources. 
  • Contact them by mail – an automatic, fast process. 
  • Evaluate candidate feedback (positive and negative) in a process-driven manner. 
  • contact interested talents.

It’s the synergy of a personal approach and digital workflows that makes our work as efficient as it is effective. We’ve even developed our in-house, award-winning platform to do just that.

Lionstep’s RPO controls application inflows and realistically plans and manages personnel requirements. In close consultation with the company’s decision-makers, HR processes can thus be significantly streamlined and successfully designed.

Not convinced yet? Then read about the experience our scale-up customer Radicant had with Lionstep.

Recruiting that simply grows along with you

Entrepreneurial decisions usually entail consequences. When a company decides to expand, this brings with it a need for personnel. On the other hand, the labor market is often empty. Both skilled workers and a lot of staff at once are hard to find.

With RPO, this responsibility is simply handed over to Lionstep. We have both the market knowledge and the contacts to respond accordingly. This enables us to fill 50 or even 100 positions at once – cost-effectively and quickly.

Feedback analysis 

Talents, we write, get back to us with their individual feedback. This is a valuable, if not the most valuable, tool in our process. Because it literally allows us to see what works and what doesn’t about job ads.

Is the opportunity to work from a home office desired? Is the salary not set in a way that makes sense? Are there other parameters that need to be reconsidered? Data-based analyses make it possible for entrepreneurs and HR decision-makers to adjust important parameters so that personnel requirements can be met.

Suitable talents are always available 

At Lionstep, we can draw on very different sources when it comes to finding talent. We use job boards as well as social media and career networks to obtain contacts. Last but not least, we have a talent pool where talents can register. 

Taken together, these sources put us in a position to contact talent at any time. The advantages are obvious: the time-to-hire is shortened, the chances of a match are increased.

Combined with the data analyses, the result is a comprehensive picture of the successful progress of job advertisements and staffing requirements.

Choose your RPO package 


Of course, companies can choose the support that suits them from us. 

  • Project-based: for short-term staffing needs or for vacancies that are difficult to fill. As an experienced recruiter, we can act quickly and are flexible. Our internal processes allow us to plan efficiently. You concentrate on your project, we take care of the staffing. 
  • Partial Cycle: By outsourcing individual processes, you relieve your HR department. This may involve interview preparation, requirements planning, planning for a specific region or active sourcing. 
  • Full Cycle: Lionstep takes over recruiting for your company, from the initial analysis through individual process steps to the further development of your recruiting. With this option, you book personnel planning all-inclusive. Are you wondering whether the investment is worth it? Due to our internal structure, we are able to offer our services 20 to 30 percent cheaper than traditional recruiters.

What does RPO cost? 

We offer our top-class service at an absolutely fair and customer-friendly price-performance ratio. How does that work? With the right mix of human empathy and digitally controlled processes!

Our team is available as a contact for talents. And, of course, we are available to you as a customer at all times. However, everything that can be done process-controlled runs automatically. Data analyses, collecting feedback, contacting us by mail – all this is controlled via our platform.

Personal contacts for talents only come into play when they signal their interest in a position.

Transparent pricing

Our prices are clearly arranged in packages. There are no hidden costs and no dubious fees. You buy exactly what you need: 

  • Top up credit
  • pay only for the service that is used 
  • credit is valid for up to six months 

Of course, premium services can also be booked throughout the process. Recruitment, cost-effective and tailored to your needs: Welcome to Lionstep! 

RPO with Lionstep: Recruitment of the latest generation 

The labor market is more volatile than ever, and opportunities are just as present as risks. Those who use opportunities cleverly can enjoy the success they deserve. Those who cleverly calculate risks increase their chances of success. With RPO, companies pursue both goals: Increase opportunities, minimize risks. With smart processes, a lot of empathy and our professional service packages, we are happy to support you.

As a company, you would like to find out more about RPO or clarify details? Simply and conveniently use our contact form. We look forward to discussing your individual RPO options with you.

As an ambitious candidate ready for change, you will discover interesting job offers on our job board.

Attention‼️ Currently, scammers are contacting random candidates on WhatsApp on behalf of Lionstep. Read more about it in our blog