Real know-how. Career transitioning built for success.

Lionstep’s job market intelligence ensures the best preparation and conditions to transition your employees for successful careers. Our access and network to the hidden job market unlocks new opportunities for your employees.


What is Outplacement?

Lionstep’s Outplacement service provides an effective way for businesses to support former employees on their transition to new jobs.

Our expertise in active sourcing and recruitment develops the best conditions for new employment.

Lionstep Success Managers and Recruiters are specialists, and can unlock potential through a refined career strategy that matches real job market needs. Our network and access to the hidden job market ensures a unique competitive advantage.

The Benefits of Lionstep’s Outplacement

Job Market Intelligence

Our active sourcing and recruiting processes provide unparalleled real-time job market insights. We know which positions are searched for and what skillsets are required. This intelligence makes our support actionable to transfer concrete assistance.

Comprehensive Talent Profiling

We apply a 360° Skill Evaluation, meaning an analysis of not just hard but also soft skills that are desired by the job market. Our interview booster helps employees get a deep understanding of what recruiters look for to prepare them for success.

Lionstep Talentpool

To develop the best condition for new employment, employees get access to our talent pool and job alerts. This connects them to new opportunities swiftly and effectively.

Accelerated Transitioning

Our outplacement service delivers the best experience for exiting employees, focused on a fast transitioning, which in turn reinforces the reputation and employer brand leadership.

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Our Outplacement Service

Lionstep’s outplacement involves 5 Core Steps to successful career transitioning. One step at a time, we ensure employees receive the best experience and see real impact.

Situation Analysis

Individual situation analysis for career perspective and roadmap planning.

360° Skill Evaluation

Hard skill and soft skill analysis to establish clear talent profiling.


CV optimization, interview coaching and personal branding preparation.

Job Alerts

Personalized Lionstep Job Alert, including real-time notification.

Network Pool

Access to Lionstep talent pool & entry to growing network community.


Lionstep’s modern outplacement

Our outplacement is more than smooth transitioning. Employees receive a behind-the-scenes look into the real job market needs and approach recruiters take. Supported by cutting edge technology and seamless experiences. We help prepare for optimal success.


Our Clients Love to Roar

Lionstep has managed to digitize recruiting in a sustainable and efficient way. At the same time, the personal contact between recruiters and candidates remains an integral part of the candidate experience, which is unique on the market. Through Lionstep, we can be sure to always meet candidates who are qualified, motivated and match on a personal level to our business culture.

Ilka Sauer

HR Director DACH / Prokuristin

Lionstep perfectly fits into our business philosophy: Work is for bots, life is for humans. Machines take over the work and let us concentrate on the humans. Lionstep enables us to talk to outstanding talents.

Kristian Kabashi

Managing Director Digital

Lionstep supports us to get access to local and international talents in the fields of Technology and Communications in a convenient and transparent way.

Claudio Zinsli


Lionstep significantly contributes to the improvement of recruiting processes, giving them more coherence and putting them in a true digital context.

Emilio Froján

Business Development

Lionstep is a highly innovative and powerful tool for the recruiting of profiles. The use of Big Data in recruiting processes has shown us excellent results, and has facilitated the identification of the candidates that best suit our open positions.

Florie Saulnier

Global HR