Job interview for sourced candidates – Lionstep’s best practices

Find out how to structure a job interview for sourced candidates. We include the most important topics to discuss and…

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Managing Director digitalswitzerland on how startups can thrive in Switzerland

Managing Director of digitalswitzerland, Nicolas Bürer, answers 3 questions on how startups can grow to thrive in Switzerland & worldwide.

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3 Tips to Reverse Recruiting

Reverse recruiting is trending due the shift of a candidate driven market. Find out more about this relatively new experience.

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3 Steps for creating an effective job description

Create an effective job description by being clear & precise, including brand personality and finally check for the user experience...

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Human Resource Analytics in Hiring

Human Resource Analytics is necessary to make informed decisions regarding people management & hiring. Find out how to apply HR…

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5 Technology Trends that are shaping HR

This post will introduce you to 5 tech trends shaping HR, such as: collaboration tools, decision-making by big data, the…

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Hiring the best candidates – 3 Tips to make the right hire

Check out our 3 tips on hiring the best candidates, including: effective job descriptions, effective recruiting processes & more...

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HR Tips for 2020: 4 Tips from HR Experts

We asked global HR experts what their take on the future of HR is. They shared amazing insights! Check out…

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How to identify a good recruiting service

Recruiting services can support companies to find qualified candidates for positions that are difficult to employ. Find out more...

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