Raquel García joins Lionstep as Senior Recruiting Specialist to lead the candidate validation team in Madrid, Spain. Raquel has worked in various companies in the sector of selection and attraction of talent. Welcome Raquel!

Today we talk with Raquel about her incorporation and her vision about the labor market.

Lionstep: You represent the perfect example of recruitment by people for people with technology support: How do you see the future of recruitment?

Raquel: In my opinion, technology helps people accelerate the hiring process a lot. I can affirm that the future of recruitment involves using technology to achieve greater efficiency, closing the selection processes in the shortest possible time, always fulfilling a high degree of success in the selection of the candidate.

Lionstep: What do you want to achieve in your first 6 months in Lionstep?

Raquel: My goal is to show our clients that Lionstep is the best recruitment and selection option in the market. To do this, I want to validate the candidates chosen by our clients quickly, taking maximum care of the quality of the selection process and highlighting the most human part of Lionstep.

Lionstep: What determines success when you call a candidate for the first time to talk about a new job opportunity?

Raquel: Success begins as soon as the candidate is interested in listening to you. Since Lionstep’s platform guarantees that the candidate we call fulfils the necessary requirements for the position, our job is to listen to the candidates and know the professional concerns and goals to verify the personal fit with the vacancy.

We welcome Raquel and we are very happy and proud that she is joining our team!