How do I win an employee for my open position?

The Lionstep Assessment is part of the Recruitment-as-a-Service offering and helps to better understand the motivation of candidates, thereby supporting recruiters and line managers with data, analytics and suggested questions during the interview, enabling you to recruit candidates with the perfect culture fit. 

Lionstep is convinced that sustainable, successful recruiting must include the personality of candidates. New employees should be a good addition to the company not only professionally, but also personally, and ideally, bring all the qualities that the team as a whole has recently been lacking.

Especially in sectors where it is difficult to identify any candidates at all, the question asked is sometimes “How do I win an employee for my open position?” rather than “Does the employee fit the position and the team?”. The Lionstep Assessment illustrates the rational and emotional relationship of all candidates to the “job-person-team-company match” and helps to identify what motivates candidates. Additionally, the assessment also helps the candidate in the process of evaluating culture fit.

How does the Lionstep Assessment benefit recruiting?

Our assessment consists of 10 questions and is designed to uncover specific aspects of personality. The Lionstep Assessment is based on our partner’s IPM many years of experience and their subsequent work – the Lionstep Assessment is fully integrated into Lionstep’s recruitment process.

The assessment can be activated at the job level and will be available for all validated candidates for the respective job. Recruiting clients receive a one-page summary analysing candidate’s motivations and suggesting additional questions to ask the candidates in a personal interview. The Lionstep assessment provides a sound basis for discussion for all recruiters and other stakeholders involved in the hiring process.

And: What does it cost?

Using our established Credit model,  we charge 1 credit per position for which Lionstep assessments is activated – of course, only if we validate candidates. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive about this. The assessment is free of charge for candidates

How does the Lionstep Assessment benefit the candidate?

Just as every company asks itself whether a candidate fits into the team, the company or the job, all candidates go through the same process. In addition to professional qualifications, it is just as important to find the perfect match on a personal level. After all, everyone wants to be motivated to work every day and every personality is motivated differently – and that is exactly what the Lionstep assessment is about: The assessment uses 10 questions to explore individual motivations. By completing the assessment,  candidates receive a detailed bench-marking and self-assessment analysis, which is not shown to the potential new employer. The potential employer receives a shorter summary. Both serve as a basis for further discussions – after all, everyone wants to find out whether this match could be the start of something really great!