IT recruitment is more in demand than ever 

Alexander Mazzara 11, Aug 2022 7 min
IT Recruiting

With our innovative IT recruitment, companies can not only save time and money. Data analyses are a valuable tool for future recruiting, and the candidate experience is significantly improved. In addition, clear pricing ensures an overview at all times. Find out why IT recruitment is the future for HR and how Lionstep has perfected the procedures.

Why is the recruitment landscape changing? 

Of course, digitization does not stop at recruitment. A brief look back at past times reveals a stringent picture. Job advertisements, mostly in the current daily press, led to incoming applications. The company chose between the candidates, and hiring followed.  

Overall, those times no longer exist. The HR world has changed a lot over time. There are many reasons for this. Companies increasingly have to compete against rivals and competitors.

The shortage of skilled workers is a factor that is felt in all sectors and industries. Globalization and volatile markets are just two variables that can demand changes and shifts in corporate direction. 

HR strategies naturally adapt to these circumstances. High potentials are usually recruited at universities during recruitment events. Aggressive headhunting is the order of the day. The best talents are lured with high salaries. In the process, the work-life balance often falls by the wayside in the demanding daily routine.

What are the requirements for HR managers? 

HR managers in companies face several challenges. One of them is the budget, which is breathing down their necks. Unfilled positions cost money and, at the same time, tie up the capacities of colleagues who have to step in.

Lengthy recruitment processes are just as time-consuming as they are costly. The time-to-hire must be short, and the result have to be as perfect as possible.

The shortage of skilled workers stands in the way of this wishful scenario. Management positions that are difficult to fill in are typically vacant for months, if not years.

Another difficult situation is the opening of new branches or the personnel planning phase for start-ups. If many positions have to be filled at the same time, HR managers often reach their limits. The specialist requirements are to be duplicated across 50 or 100 positions. And that in a market that is almost empty? That’s not easy.

Recruitment is only one part of HR management. HR strategy, development, leadership, management and organization must run just as smoothly. So the question is: How can HR managers get the maximum result out of a fundamentally challenging situation? The answer is: IT recruitment with the support of a competent recruiter. 

What is IT recruitment?

In the perfect dream of HR managers, recruitment would go smoothly. If a position needs to be filled, searching does not start at alpha and drags on to omega every time.

On the contrary, suitable candidates can be contacted at any time from a pool of talent. This happens even if they are perhaps not actively looking for a job. Furthermore, data analyses based on feedback from talents can be used to optimize the recruiting process:

  • What expectations do candidates have of the company? 
  • What are the levers that can lead to successful job advertisements?
  • How can the candidate experience be improved?
  • How can employer branding be successfully established?

Such information is invaluable for successful HR management. Thanks to strategically thought-out IT recruitment, companies receive the feedback in the form of a sensibly structured overview. This means that nothing stands in the way of using the data for future (and ongoing) recruitment processes.

The good news: These dreams can easily become reality with Lionstep. We have perfected the recruitment of ITs and now count 900 companies among our satisfied customers. Whether you are a global player, a medium-sized company or a start-up: Contact us. Together we will find your individual way for your successful and cost-effective recruitment.

What methods can be used in recruiting IT? 

Those who have mastered the keyboard of IT recruitment can use it virtuously for themselves. There are various options available that can provide the solution for very different situations. Regardless of the size of the company, individual needs can be strategically addressed.

IT recruitment and Active Sourcing 


One of the most common methods of modern IT recruitment is Active Sourcing. Behind this term lies a strategy that is actually quite simple and proven. Talents are proactively approached and made aware of open positions.

Even if these potential candidates are employed in good jobs, curiosity is aroused in this way. If the proposal is a good fit, or if talents want to find out more, they visit the Lionstep website. There they can select an appointment for a meeting.

Here, the right mix of digitally optimized processes and human expertise is the key to success. In the next step, we approach the talents personally for our customers, explain details, clarify questions. We introduce a select group of candidates to our customers. The hiring decision lies with the personnel managers.

This efficient approach saves companies time, costs and nerves. Talents, on the other hand, stay informed about the market and can take advantage of opportunities.  

Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a completely different strategy. Do you need to fill numerous positions at once? Is a regional search proving difficult? Is there simply not enough time for accounting or interview rounds? Outsource all or part of your recruitment processes to us. Concentrate on what takes your attention.

Whether project-based, with the outsourcing of recruitment subareas or as an all-inclusive service: RPO relieves HR departments. And as far as the cost issue is concerned, reliable statistics speak for outsourcing.

This is because our sources allow us to contact suitable candidates at any time. Both time and costs can be reduced with our processes – by up to 50 percent compared to traditional recruiters.

Assessments for companies and candidates 


As the third pillar of our services, we offer customized assessments for companies and talents.

Companies thus improve their strategy in the following areas:

  • Preparing interview questions confidently
  • Getting to know talents better
  • Guaranteeing cultural fit 
  • Accelerating the hiring process
  • Using emotional and rational decision-making tools
  • Achieving comprehensive results with shorter processes 
  • Recognizing at an early stage whether there is a fit

Talents use our Career Advice to

  • plan their career more self-reliantly,
  • apply for jobs with confidence
  • build up in-depth knowledge of topics such as New Work, etc.,  
  • gain access to our talent pool and exclusive positions.  

IT recruitment with Lionstep 

In summary, modern IT recruitment is a sensible approach in the world of HR management. Using AI-based processes to optimize recruitment is a sensible business decision. This is especially true when the synergy with human empathy makes it a well-rounded effort.

But even Lionstep can’t do magic. If there is no talent in certain regions or with very specific skills, we can’t find any. If there is, it is done in a very efficient process.

Not convinced yet? Then read about the experience our scale-up customer Radicant had with Lionstep.

Get to know us and benefit from our services and know-how. Contact us easily and conveniently today. An initial meeting will quickly reveal whether everything fits – and nothing stands in the way of a successful collaboration. We look forward to meeting you!

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