HR management: Definition, tasks and strategy

Alexander Mazzara 26, Jul 2022 7 min
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Successful companies operate in different sectors of their business with both strategic orientation and creativity. It is that certain something that leads to success. A good product, outstanding service, clever marketing, sufficient equity capital and prudent management are important. The willingness and the ability to persevere even in crises and good HR management are crucial as well.

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There are different reasons why companies do not achieve their goals. HR management is certainly not the least important of them. This essential pillar of a successful corporate culture is worth examining. That’s why, in this article, we take a closer look at what HR departments have to manage day by day.

What is actually HR management?

Anyone who assumes that HR management ends with the signing of a contract of new employees, is far from it. A good HR management goes beyond the tasks of new hires. The definition of HR management principally includes the following tasks:

  • Personnel planning/strategy
  • Recruitment
  • Personnel administration
  • Personnel development
  • Personnel management
  • Personnel control

Other terms for HR management are human resources capital management and personnel management. The term «human resource» has been repeatedly put to the test in recent years. The nature of HR management has changed. Just a few years ago, there was talk of «human capital.»

Today, the focus is on the importance of individual employees and their contribution to the company’s success.

In practice, it often turns out that smaller companies do not have HR departments at all. Departments hire their workers themselves. The HR managers of large or fast-growing companies, on the other hand, are often under constant stress.

Expansion or new projects require tight and flexible HR management. They have to consider the costs as well. After all, it should not be too expensive.

What are tasks of HR management?


With the definition of HR management, the tasks are also clear. As a part of business administration, however, HR specialists need an instinct in addition to know-how. Which candidates might fit into the company? How should a job advertisement be worded precisely to ensure that suitable applications are received? How can conflicts be resolved, how can expectations be met?

In its daily tasks, HR management is also characterized by forward-looking planning. Scalable processes and a powerful IT support the multitude of tasks that need to be managed.

What are the strategies for successful HR management?

Human resources management, especially by global players, is often associated with pulling its levers early. Talents are already being observed and courted at universities and colleges. The shortage of skilled workers is the keyword here, and of course it occurs in Switzerland as well.

Poaching high potentials straight from training graduation into the company is a common practice. Especially in such difficult times, reskilling projects are also considered as a possible source of talent.

Once in the company, however, human resources management goes to the next level. Strategic alignment is critical to business success. So where should HR departments focus their attention? Essentially, it’s the following three points.

Symbiosis between corporate goals and employee expectations

Employees in HR departments have to walk a variety of tightrope. One of them is to reconcile the expectations and goals of the company with the wishes of the employees.

On one hand, there are the figures from controlling, which sometimes require a stringent approach. On the other hand, there are the expansion plans – or the management’s order to cut costs wherever possible. In addition, employees have expectations towards the company. And this also has changed over the course of time.

Not so long ago, parameters like prestige and a high salary were at the top of the list. For this, it was gladly accepted that overtime and weekends worked through were more the norm than the exception.

Today, flexible working hours and the opportunity for further training are rather decisive for a talent. HR departments must respond to this. Can stays abroad be offered? Is home office desired and possible? Can a sabbatical be taken? How is the work-life balance guaranteed? Is remote work also possible? What about part-time solutions, or even job-sharing solutions?

In addition, talents know what they are worth. If a company sets the salary too low, it will quickly have to adjust it upward.

Create employee satisfaction, prevent fluctuation


In addition to work-life balance, there is a new buzzword that has a lasting impact on HR management. Work-life blending describes the compatibility and merging of work and private life in favour of life quality and motivation. This megatrend quite offensively demonstrates the changing times to which HR departments must respond flexibly and innovatively.

Employee satisfaction and employee development go hand in hand. Measures such as development, advancement, a good work-life balance and a healthy working environment contribute considerably to this. Talents ask themselves the following questions:

  • Are there opportunities for promotion?
  • Is there a healthy feedback culture in the company?
  • Do employees have access to a training budget?
  • Are goals clearly defined and is there a direct contact person available?
  • Are flexible working hours or home office possible?
  • Is there support for childcare?
  • Are extra or bonus payments provided for?
  • Is the working atmosphere characterized by openness and transparency?
  • Is there a cooperative atmosphere?
  • Is the working environment modern and efficiently equipped?

These and many other options are available in HR management to retain employees in the long term. Here, HR specialists are the link between company management and employees. As a point of contact for both sides, an essential function of HR management is thus fulfilled.

Reduce costs, secure competitiveness, focus on sustainability

Cost reduction and securing competitiveness are closely linked to the previous point. After all, the one is a prerequisite for the other. If employees are satisfied, they stay with the company longer and do not look for alternatives.

Entrepreneurs who calculated the recruitment costs from the identification of the need to the contract signing know the figures. Employee retention and cost reduction are inextricably linked.

A key point is transparency in recruitment, or even in the formulation of the job advertisement. The better the requirements are defined and the better they are communicated, the more probable is a long-term retention.

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