HR Industry – What Changes to Expect in 2019

Alexandra Vrinceanu 17, Jan 2019 4 min

HR Industry – What Changes to Expect in 2019

In the years to come, the HR Industry is mostly going to be affected by technology. HR specialists are finding ways to adapt their working methods as well as better solutions for employee selection and retention. According to Forrester, an American research company, 2019 will be the year when transformation in the business realm will go pragmatic, with the aim of creating more durable business foundations.

HR software will keep moving beyond its basic functionality regarding recruitment, management, professional development, and attendance. New and more advanced tools will emerge, supported by automation and AI.

1. Digitization of HR Procedures

One of the differentiating factors that will provide meaningful financial and time savings is the way companies integrate technology into their HR departments. That’s why the digitization of the HR Industry will be a significant trend in 2019.

2. Remote Work

To work remotely is an opportunity for employees to balance out their professional and personal lives. Thus, it will remain a differentiating factor in job selection. Many recent studies have shown that remote workers are as productive as office workers as long as there is properly managed communication, team meetings, and a well-defined work environment. By allowing employees to retain the psychological comfort they wanted when they accepted the job, they can deliver exceptional results. According to Forbes, remote work has become a standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population, meaning that it’s no longer a privilege.

3. Recruiting Technology

Companies will rely more on modern recruitment management systems in 2019. Companies like Lionstep are developing new software and recruitment processes because they want to address current recruiting problems. These may mean time wasted on the job boards, ineffective and long hiring processes, and not focusing enough on real-life candidate skills. To discover, engage, and nurture the best talent, companies can’t afford to use old and outdated strategies anymore.

Advanced recruiting softwares can help companies in targeting and optimization. Also, they are designed to save time for both applicants and recruiters. HR recruiters won’t need to keep searching blindly for top talent. With the right technology, they will look in places where the talent is located. Also, the hiring process will be optimized from beginning to end, allowing recruiters to refine their onboarding process. Also, more companies will look at what AI and machine learning have to offer.

4. Recruitment Based on Behaviors and Attitudes

HR specialists will engage on criteria related to behavior, values, and attitudes, not only their formal qualifications. Companies will keep relying on interviews based on professional competencies. However, more recruiters will assess their candidates according to personal values and attitudes, while the technical skills required for the job can be assimilated further on.

5. Difficulties in Filling the Middle Management Positions

Filling the middle management positions in large companies will grow as a challenge as more and more specialists who can fill those positions are choosing to become entrepreneurs. People are becoming increasingly aware of their professional qualities and are overcoming the fear of possible failure related to starting a business.

Take hold on these future trends by upgrading your HR processes with the right recruitment software. The designers of Lionstep software are in search for out-of-the-box solutions that will help companies streamline their hiring process by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Unlike other recruiting agencies, we screen the candidates before the first interview with their potential employer is arranged.

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