How to find a job to love: using the IKIGAI model

Selma Mohr 26, Mar 2020 4 min

How to find a job to love: using the IKIGAI model

Ikigai, is a Japanese concept about finding your individual purpose, or in other words: “what is worth living for”, or “your reason for getting up every morning”. It covers 4 aspects that will help you find a job to love.

The combination of words mean:

“iki” (life/living) + “kai” (value/result)

The four circles in a Venn diagram, best illustrate this concept in order to find the point of intersection between your: mission, passion, calling and career.

The 4 areas every person should explore are:

  1. What do I love?
  2. What am I really good at?
  3. What does the world need?
  4. What can I earn money with?

This theory is easier said than done. Putting these concepts into practice can be difficult, as it requires a deep sense of understanding yourself – a skill of: personal reflection. 


So how can you find a job to love?

You can start by drawing the diagram and filling it out with keywords, ideas or pictures that suit you best. 

What are you really good at – is there a job that reflects these skills? What can you do that is of use to others? Is there something you can contribute to the world? 

Try to analyze the point where all your answers meet together. If you look at the complete diagram, you will find connections. Take your time answering these questions. You could also include a second person and compare results. It is important to keep an open mind so that your ‘ikigai’ will become clear.

1.What do I love?

Think about what you really like to do. 

  • What makes you tick?
  • What touches you?
  • What do you enjoy doing?

2.What am I really good at?

Think about what unique talents you have.

  • What do people give you compliments about?
  • What comes easy/natural to you?
  • What expertise have you gained?

3.What can I get paid for?

This question is associated with what of these before found aspects, you can actually earn money with. It will help you find a job to love. This can also support your personal branding, by knowing how to market your skills. What are your personal selling points to focus on and develop further?

  • Is it your experience?
  • Is there a skill in top demand?

4.What does the world need?

Think about what you can contribute to the world. 

  • Is there something helpful you can do for others? 
  • What activities are there that would have a positive effect on the world?
  • What would your children/grandchildren be proud of?

Finally, the question:

What is your Ikigai?

After reflecting on the first 4 questions, try to find the point of intersection? It can be a mix of concrete activities and abstract principles that could guide you. 

Finding your ikigai can be helpful in many ways, in knowing what profession to look for, what to improve in order to reach your goals and discovering what is important to you. You’ve just dealt with perhaps the most crucial questions you will come across in your life.

What is this thing worth living for, and what will I stand for up for tomorrow?

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