How does external recruitment work, and what should you pay attention to?

Alexander Mazzara 7, Jul 2022 7 min
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External recruitment with Lionstep is a service that can provide companies with tremendous benefits:  

  • We work cost-effectively. This is possible because we link the work of our team of experts with fully automated, digital processes.  
  • We have access to talents, high potentials and specialists. Our network works worldwide.  
  • Our recruitment processes are clearly defined and transparently designed. Personal contacts are available at all times.  
  • Our customers have an overview of the costs at all times. There are no hidden fees, no opaque contract clauses.  
  • We offer customized recruiting as needed. Whether it’s a management position or many employees at once for your start-up: We have your staffing solution.  
  • Our digitized data analyses help you to continuously develop and improve your recruiting. This saves you time and money.  
  • Improve the candidate experience of your applicants with Lionstep and increase the attractiveness of your company.  
  • We offer assessments for companies and talents. Skills can be improved and opportunities increased – on both sides.  

What should external recruitment not be? 

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Companies that want to resort to external recruitment face a decision with remarkable implications. How do I recognize a good service provider? How can I be sure that I am hiring the right company? What are my advantages, what are the disadvantages?  

Lionstep, founded in 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland, is in continuous growth. We owe our company’s success to several parameters.  

One of the most important one is our absolute integrity. Our customers always have an overview of the state of affairs, of costs, and of the advertisements they have placed. This is the only way we can drive our corporate concept: absolute transparency and disclosure of all processes.  

We act at eye level with our customers and are always approachable. There are no dubious brokerage fees, no promises we cannot keep.  

If you are looking for an external recruitment service provider, ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Does the service provider’s website appeal to me? Can I easily recognize information, are contact persons and references named?  
  • Is there a transparent list of costs that I will have to pay?  
  • Can I combine services according to my needs? Are special requirements of my company taken into account?  
  • Do I have a personal contact person?  
  • Can I easily access the status quo of my recruitment processes?  
  • What additional services can I book to take maximum advantage of the collaboration?  
  • Is the company established?  

Of course, the chemistry must always be right. That’s why we offer our customers non-binding initial meetings to find out whether a collaboration can be successful. Go the Lionstep way and benefit from the services we can offer your company. Why should it be complicated when it can be simple?  

When does external recruitment make sense for companies? 

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Often, HR departments are simply understaffed and/or overworked. Often, however, HR managers also deal with processes that repeatedly tie up a lot of time. Day-to-day business draws resources that are then no longer available for efficient recruitment.  

Fortunately, the myth that external recruitment could be used to deny HR managers competencies is no longer tenable. Instead, companies are recognizing the advantages this service offers:  

  • Relief of personnel departments  
  • Shortening of the time from identification of personnel requirements to hiring  
  • Cost reduction through standardized processes  
  • Access to talents who are not looking for jobs on the labor market  

The economy in the US is growing despite difficult external conditions. Companies must be able to react flexibly in order to survive in the market. External recruitment is an efficient tool for this. Learn more about your options and contact us!  

What can external recruitment with Lionstep look like for you? 

Externe Personalbeschaffung

No two companies are the same. Whereas here many positions have to be continuously filled, there “only” one urgently needed manager is missing. A company may need to fill up to 100 positions at once for a major project. And for a start-up, a complete recruiting process may be necessary. 

It quickly becomes clear: External recruitment can relieve HR departments immensely. Lionstep offers the perfect solution with the right package.  

RPO project-based 

RPO is your solution when you have high personnel requirements at short notice. Opening new stores or expanding into new markets are typical examples. Entrepreneurs know that it is difficult to fill many positions with similar job descriptions. Skilled employees are simply not to be found.  

Our knowledge of the market is one driving factor in finding a suitable solution to your personnel issues. Another one is our network of contacts. We have access to potential candidates who we can contact for you at any time.  

Project-based external recruitment is also the method of choice when (difficult-to-fill) management positions are up for disposal. We would be happy to discuss details in a personal meeting.  

RPO Partial Cycle 

This is a package that is used by many companies. Partial outsourcing of recruitment processes is a charming solution for companies of all sizes. In companies that need to fill many positions on a regular basis, this is a tremendous relief. Smaller companies get support for certain positions and the rest of the recruitment remains with internal HR professionals.  

Or you outsource certain processes such as interview preparation and execution to us. Outsourcing for a specific region or for active sourcing is also common.  

RPO Full Cycle 

This is the premium package of external recruitment. RPO Full Cycle is the all-inclusive service. From preparing job advertisements to signing contracts, we are there for you. 

We are able to offer you this service at a deliberately low cost. This is thanks to the synergy of digitally controlled processes and the expertise of our employees. With us, you save 20 to 30 percent of the costs compared to conventional personnel service providers.  

Active sourcing 

Lionstep did not invent active sourcing, but perfected it. We proactively contact talents who are not looking for jobs by mail. If interest is signaled, our experts make personal contact and explain the details of the job posting.  

This way, job changes come about that would not have happened in this way without external recruitment. More than 30 percent of talents working in good jobs would not have looked for a job without active sourcing. Nevertheless, they are definitely open to new opportunities. This is how we create a win-win situation for all parties.  

External recruitment with Lionstep: Recruitment on demand 

External recruitment has many faces. They include strategic recruitment, forward-looking planning instead of hectic reaction, and the ability to act quickly in an acute need. 

We at Lionstep guide your company in a customized way and according to your needs. Our experts are available for a personal discussion. Just contact us today. Convince yourself of the advantages that external recruitment can hold for your company. We look forward to advising you personally.

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