How does active sourcing actually work?

Alexander Mazzara 4, Aug 2022 7 min
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Targeting the right talents at the right moment with the right offer – is Lionstep’s recipe for success. With active sourcing as a target-oriented method, this works perfectly. We don’t just rely on our digital processes to find suitable talents. First and foremost are the people involved in these processes.

More than 32.5 million companies are registered in the United States. They all are constantly looking for the best talents to fill open positions. The problem: The best talents are not looking for new jobs. Advertisements remain unsuccessful because the talents do not read them at all. So what can be done?

The solution is active sourcing. 

What is active sourcing? 

Regardless if the company is a start-up, growing company, large company, or medium-sized enterprise: The best talents are needed always and everywhere. Active sourcing is a method of targeting talents. If the offer comes at the right moment, the door to the new job is open.

To really understand active sourcing, a little time travel is helpful. Just a few years ago, the active approach to talents worked exclusively with classic headhunting methods.

In the traditional 360-degree model, a consultant in a headhunting firm is solely responsible for all processes. Classic tools used by headhunters are telephone lists, business cards, and a personal network of contacts in the respective industries. 

But a lot has changed in recruitment in recent years. The industry is in a state of upheaval. Seen from meta-level, active sourcing is a perfect symbiosis of optimized processes and a personal approach. With individual candidate search and subsequent personal candidate approach, active sourcing quickly builds a personal relationship with talents.

How does active sourcing work? 

How does active sourcing work?

Going more into detail, you quickly realize: Active sourcing uses digital channels and process-driven data analytics to identify talents. This provides companies with an approach that can be used in an extremely targeted manner. 

This means, in order: 

  • Staffing needs are identified. 
  • Together with the active sourcing partner, the need, and the criteria for suitable talents are specified. 
  • Digital scans of different sources and multichannel searches (LinkedIn, Xing, talent pools, CV database search, career events) are done. They result in a list of possible candidates. 
  • They are contacted digitally. 
  • The data of the responses or reasons for rejections are read out digitally. If necessary, the job advertisement is optimized on the basis of the analysis. 
  • Interested talents are approached personally by the recruiter. 
  • If there is interest, suitable skills, and ideas, contact will be made with the potential employer.

The advantage of active sourcing is obvious. Savings potential (in terms of time and money) in the entire process enables a targeted and economical approach: 

  • Suitable talents are found. 
  • Recruiting costs are reduced. 
  • Time-to-hire is significantly reduced. 
  • Recruiting goals can be achieved. 

When does active sourcing make sense? 

Wherever skilled workers are needed, active sourcing can bring about solutions. HR managers know: The war of talents has permanently changed the search for personnel. Where companies used to wait for suitable applications, the opposite is now the case. Companies actively approach suitable talents.

Companies rely on active sourcing for a wide variety of reasons. There are start-ups, for example, that depend on skilled workers. However, the search for personnel costs both time and money – and also nerves. With the help of a professional active sourcing recruiter, companies benefit from potential savings without sacrificing the best possible results. 

But renowned companies rely on active sourcing as well. Staff turnover is high. The days when talents stayed with the same company from apprenticeship to retirement are over. Expansions or reorientation of the market are also reasons for personnel requirements.

Active sourcing does also make sense when companies need qualified and motivated talents. The search should be made meaningful and economical, the best talents should be found quickly.

Lionstep perfected this method. Thanks to a proprietary platform, digital processes can be run optimally. But ultimately, the key to success is not left at the mercy of the competence of our employees – the personal interview was, is, and will remain the most important tool for recruiting personnel.

What does active sourcing cost? 

Of course, companies – start-ups as well as global players – are bound to certain budgets. These do not stop at HR departments. But active sourcing is a convincing contemporary instrument here as well. And Lionstep offers advantages that have already convinced many satisfied customers.

Our proprietary platform operates with highly efficient processes. This not only allows to identify talents quickly but also do appointment arrangements, data analyses, or partially automated response processes that run digitally and thus offer savings potential. This way, companies can allocate 50 to 60 percent of costs to other important budgets. Feel free to contact us; together we clarify your individual needs.

Active sourcing: Can every position be filled with active sourcing? 

The fact is that over 80 percent of the candidates we approach are open to new positions. They are not actively looking, but are interested in new opportunities. New experiences, getting to know new companies, and optimizing the resume are just a few reasons.

Lionstep has set the goal of being different from others. And unlike traditional recruitment agencies or headhunters, we can work quickly, flexibly, and cost-effectively. Our flexible pricing models come in a variety of packages and can therefore be adapted to meet individual needs.  

However, we cannot conjure talents. Often, there are just a few or no talents in the particular radius. Or they do not match the offered salary or provide a combination of different skills or languages. 

At least, the data gleaned in the search help to adapt and learn recruiting strategies. Thanks to these adjustments, it is often possible to find the right person in a second attempt. 

Demands and expectations of modern recruiting 

Talents already in permanent jobs want to be convinced in order to consider a possible change. As recruiters, we are therefore called upon to provide know-how and expertise to sell jobs accordingly. Simple and short processes, and high-quality digital technology, are expectations talents take for granted. 

Not least, modern recruiting requires fast response times and flexibility. This is exactly what our customers can expect. In addition to active sourcing, one of our most important competencies is Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO in short. Are you planning a new branch or subsidiary and urgently need well-skilled workers? Are you regularly looking for new talents and do not have the capacity for the time-consuming search?

RPO is the appropriate instrument to act accordingly. Contact us!

What distinguishes Lionstep’s services in active sourcing? 

Our claim to ourselves is to be there as a solution to problems. With our coordinated talent management, we provide companies with sustainable recruitment support. We base our work on appropriate parts of standardized digital processes. This way, we work both efficiently and transparently.

And it is precisely this hybrid way of working that makes us so successful. The digital optimization and our emphatic team complement each other. We target talents and reach people who are not looking for jobs themselves. Accurate data analyses support our results-oriented approach in this volatile market.

Are you looking for suitable talents, e.g. for your marketing, sales, or product development? We can always contact talents for a wide variety of positions. To do this, we use both our talent pool and digital multichannel search. 

Choose us as an active sourcing partner and benefit from our possibilities. We will be happy to assist you at any time through our contact form. Successful recruiting starts with the first step; we are looking forward to taking it with you. 

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