How does it work?

What exactly does Lionstep do?

Lionstep is a recruiting support for sourcing qualified talent. Our platform matches your open job position with hundreds of thousands of talent profiles using smart algorithms, and later validates them in a personal call with a Lionstep Recruiter.  

Once we have validated candidates for qualification, availability and interest in your job, you will receive the contact details and can invite them for an interview or hire. All validated candidates can be imported into your Applicant Tracking System. You can monitor every process in our Lionstep Platform and receive instant feedback. This ensures a transparent and efficient service for our clients.

How many candidates does Lionstep give access to?

Lionstep’s talentpool consists of candidates that actively apply to Lionstep through a registration process and candidates established through active sourcing. Our active sourcing assures that we address all qualified candidates, even the ones who are not searching for a new job but are open for a new opportunity. 

Once we discuss the job requirements and profile with a client, our algorithm sorts through hundreds of thousands profiles. On average, one search run leads up to hundreds of matched profiles from which we pick up to 60 most suitable candidates. Interested candidates will be qualified by a Lionstep Recruiter in a call and once validated the contact details are shared with our client.

How soon can Lionstep start the talent search?

First you need to contact us through the form and provide the job details or the link to the open vacancy. Once you select a pricing package (essentials, professional or enterprise) we can immediately begin the search. 

How can I see the progress Lionstep makes on my open position?

At Lionstep all our processes are transparent in your account. You can see all the candidates that we have contacted for an open position, and receive the contact details once a talent has been validated by a Lionstep recruiter. Our platform even provides feedback on why talent declines an offer. You can view statistics on reasoning and industry benchmarks. A powerful data insight to improve your recruiting strategy!

How long do I have to wait until I receive candidate feedback?

This really depends on your open position, type of  industry and market conditions. On average we contact up to 60 best profiles for one search run and receive feedback within 3 weeks. Talent that is extremely specialized and in very high-demand could take longer, between 6-9 weeks. Please ask your Account Manager for more details. 

Does Lionstep talk to candidates before I get in contact with them?

Yes, we contact all candidates personally in a call. While the first step of matching is done with our smart algorithm technology, the second step involves a personal call between a  Lionstep-Recruiter and the matched candidate. This contact is done to further qualify them based on your specific requirements and killer questions. We want to make sure that our candidates match your requirements on salary, start of hiring, skills/experience and interest in your job.

Can Lionstep ask the candidate a killer question on my behalf?

Yes, we advise all our clients to think about killer questions, that are necessary for fulfilling the ideal job profile. The account manager supports this very important process of developing killer questions within the professional and enterprise packages. The essentials package requires clients to provide the account manager with the killer questions.

What is a killer question?

A killer question is asked/investigated in a personal call to candidates on your behalf. This question should be answerable with Yes or No. Only talents that provide the right answer are a match and will be worth one credit. 

Generally, the answers to these killer questions are not easily found by scanning a profile with algorithms. It requires an actual person to investigate the inquiry in a personal conversation. This is done by our Lionstep Recruiters who have experience in conducting interviews and inspecting talents.

How does Lionstep know they validated the right candidates?

Our service excellence is what drives Lionstep. We not only use technology to match profiles to your open position, but also validate them through a Lionstep Recruiter in a personal call. The validation requires a check for all: qualification, availability and interest. 

To ensure you receive the right candidates, the job requirements need to be accurate. Please contact your account manager for more details. 

General Questions

Where does Lionstep operate from?

Lionstep’s headquarters are based in Zurich, Switzerland. Our recruiters are currently based in:  Zurich, Lausanne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Cluj and Singapore. We can offer cross-border hires and welcome requests from all around the world.

What languages are covered by Lionstep?

The Lionstep platform currently covers English, Spanish, French and German. Our recruiters speak various languages, a mix of 8 languages in total.

Can I also use Lionstep if I have an in-house recruiting team?

Yes, many of our clients use our service as an added recruiting tool within their existing recruiting (inhouse) processes. We work closely with inhouse recruiting teams to provide support when needed, depending on the course of the business. 

Inhouse recruiting teams use Lionstep for various purposes:

  • When a client requires fast scaling, and suddenly has multiple open positions
  • To expand and take advantage of our talentpool, which includes both active and sourced talent 
  • Using our Premium Services such as technical interviews, reference checks or extended personal interviews.

How is Lionstep different to traditional headhunters and recruiting services?

Our recruiting solution provides unique service excellence. We have digitized the recruiter and optimized the whole recruiting process. Our smart algorithm tackles the challenge of going through various channels to find talent and then match it to job profiles. Our Lionstep Recruiters then do the most challenging task of sourcing, which is the first initial contact. In a personal call they ensure candidates are qualified, available and interested in your open job position. 

Digitizing and optimizing the recruiting processes, allows us to offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model that is cheaper than traditional services, that often charge you 15-30% of the person’s annual salary as a commission. Instead, with Lionstep you pay as you go with our credit system. 

This makes Lionstep a unique recruiting solution by combining very complex, multi-dimensional, and different channels all together.

How is Lionstep different from LinkedIn and other platforms?

LinkedIn is just one of the possible platforms to use in recruiting. Lionstep however uses all available platforms to source talent. Our recruiting service tackles the complexity of contacting numerous qualified talents on various platforms as efficiently as possible.

Is Lionstep’s service in line with current privacy regulations?

Yes, we are complying to the Europe GDPR legislation and are committed to handling the entire process with utmost confidentiality and care. Our clients’ and candidates’ privacy is of top priority. All data is hosted in Europe and served over encrypted and secure connections. Lionstep’s data hosting meets all European standards and is regularly reviewed.

What do I pay?

What is a credit and when do I redeem it?

Our pricing model implements the flexible “pay-as-you-go” model. Your account works like a prepaid phone. You purchase credits and load up your Lionstep account. These credits are used to service your account. If you have an open vacancy you can use the credits to find qualified talent. One search run is equal to 2 credits. After that, each validated candidate will be equal to 1 credit.  We will charge you for credits if the talent was personally validated for qualification, availability and interest. Please check our pricing page for more details.

How many Credits do I need to fill my vacancy?

It depends on what type of vacancy, in what industry and your profile requirements. However, we can say that filling one vacancy will require an average of 5-7 credits. This is made up of the calculation: 2 credits for a search run, and then 1 credit for each validated candidate, meaning a total of around 3 validated talents per vacancy. For very complex, high-demand talent, a second search run might be required, which increases the credits needed to fill your vacancy.

After I have redeemed all my credits, can I still access my account?

Your account is still accessible, even if you run out of credits. You are only limited by the fact that you can’t run a new candidate search to fill a new vacancy. 

What can I do with credits I don’t use for my initial position?

No worries, you can use all your credits for future jobs too. Credits are not connected to one job, but instead work to service your account. If you have an open vacancy you can use them, if not, you wait until you need them. The only limit is that credits are valid for 12 months, after that they expire.

How long are the credits valid?

The credits are valid for 12 months.

How can I purchase Lionstep credits?

You can pay with all known Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). You can also talk to one of our Sales agents if you prefer an invoice.

Can I cancel my search run for an open position?

Yes, if for whatever reason you wish to cancel the ongoing search, please inform us immediately. The initial service fee credits will be charged. However, the search is then closed. Please check the details with your account manager.

Do I get a guaranteed hire?

The hiring process can be a very complex task within an organization. We can ensure the qualification based on the factors you share with us. However, cultural aspects also impact decision making.