How does it work?

How many candidates does Lionstep give you access to?

Lionstep gives you access to Millions of anonymised profiles from all over the world 25% of the profiles are European talents, 50% from people that currently work in the United States. Lionstep services cover almost all industries of which Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Construction and Building and the hospitality industry deliver the best results.

What is the actual process?

You have a vacancy? Searching for the right candidate is as easy as ordering a Pizza.Create a FREE-TRIAL-Account and provide us with essential information such as Job Title and seniority. This won’t take you longer than 7 minutes. Share the posting on LinkedIn, Place it on Facebook and Indeed to also attract outside applicants. You will then obtain an extensive overview over top matching talents in your area.Click on the “heart” to move your favorite talents to a shortlist. Compare their careers and decide on which ones you want to get checked by our world-class recruiters. Monitor every Lionstep of the process and receive a feedback within hours.Yes ( Excellent) there is an interested candidate! Communicate with her/him via our messenger, invite her/him to a video-interview or simply call them. Archive all your candidates or import them into your Applicant Tracking System.

How long do I have to wait until I receive candidate feedback?

Lionstep gives you live-insights on the process. Be informed at any time. Candidate feedback usually is received in 24 to 72 hours.

Do you talk to the talents before I get in contact with them?

We contact all talents personally to ask them specific questions and check their interest in the job you offer. We want to make sure that our talents match your requirements on salary, start of hiring and their skills and experience.

Can you ask the candidate a killer question on my behalf?

You can provide our agents with a specific question that they will ask on your behalf. This question must be answerable with either Yes or No. Only talents that provide the right answer are a match and will be worth one credit.

How is Lionstep different from Linkedin and other platforms?

Beside our sophisticated algorithm that matches your job needs with the millions of potential talents, we will contact all your desired talents via an agent and check their availability and interest. It’s the challenge of every recruiter to do active sourcing: To find a potential candidate is not the hardest part – to contact him and find out if he is interested and valid? This is what makes this a challenging task. We have digitized and optimized this process, providing you with the full service while keeping it powered by people.

General Questions

Where does Lionstep operate from?

Lionstep’s headquarters are based in Switzerland and currently we operate in Europe in three languages. Requests from all around the world are welcome.

What languages are covered by Lionstep?

Lionstep currently covers English, Spanish and German. We are working on the integration of more languages.

Can you support me in the hiring process?

Lionstep is built to be an efficient self-service platform. But as entrepreneurs we share your view that days should have 30 hours. That’s why we are here to help: Lionstep offers a Premium Service, that takes care of the full process. Our local agent will support you from writing the job description until signing the contract with your next employee. So, you can fully focus on making the decisions and running the business.

Is Lionstep’s service in line with current privacy regulations?

Lionstep is committed to handling the entire process with utmost confidentiality and care. Your and our candidate’s privacy is of top priority. All data is hosted in Europe and served over encrypted and secure connections. Lionstep’s data hosting meets all European standards and is regularly reviewed.

After I have redeemed all my credits, can I still access my account?

Your account is still accessible, even if you run out of credits. You are only limited by the fact that you can’t run Job matches without having 5 credits to your disposal.

Can candidates apply for a job themselves?

A candidate can apply for an open job position via Facebook, LinkedIn and/or indeed.

What do I pay?

What is a credit and when do I redeem it?

We will charge you a credit for every talent that was chosen by you and positively checked on availability, salary range and interest by one of our recruiters. So, you only pay if both sides are into making the next step and setting up a meeting.

How many Credits do I need to get my future employee?

It depends a bit on the industry and the actual job description, but our experience shows us that you need in average 4-7 credits to achieve a signing of the contract.

What can I do with credits I don’t use for my initial position?

No worries, you can use all credits for future jobs too. They are not connected to an actual job description.

How long are the credits valid?

The credits are valid for 12 months.

How can I pay?

You can pay with all known Credit Cards (Visa, Master and American Express). You can also talk to one of our Sales agents if you prefer an invoice.

Do I get a guaranteed hire?

The hiring process can be a very complex task within an organisation. Nevertheless, we can offer a guaranteed hire for all our clients who buy a Premium package.

More Questions?

Contacts us in case you have more questions.