Data processing Information

Data processing Information

Information regarding the processing of Personal Data not obtained from the Data Subject


What is Lionstep?

Lionstep.com provides a highly sophisticated recruiting platform enabling fast and accurate matching between job seekers and professional recruiters or potential employers. Thanks to highly focussed research criteria and constant updating and development, Lionstep allows professionals to learn about job offers relevant to their profiles and thereby expand their personal development and career perspectives.

Dealing with personal data is therefore Lionstep’s core activity and this is why to us personal data protection is an absolute priority. We are committed to observing the utmost protection of personal data and to keeping personal data strictly confidential as long as they are not processed for the purposes and within the scopes described in this document (“Document”) or in Lionstep’s Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”).


What is this Document?

This Document applies whenever you as Data Subject did not provide, communicate or disclose your personal data to Lionstep. This means that Lionstep has collected your personal data e.g. from a public source. In this Document and in Lionstep’s PP, we are informing you about the way we collect and process your personal data and about your rights thereto connected. All details and information regarding the processing of personal data not contained in this Document can be found in the PP. In case of inconsistencies between this Document and the PP, the former shall always prevail.

In case you have questions, remarks, criticism or you want to enforce your rights described in this Document or in the PP, please contact us (in particular, our data protection officer) at the following details:


The entity collecting and processing personal data (“Controller”) in order to provide Lionstep’s services is:

Lionstep AG
Riesbachstrasse 59
8008 Zurich (Switzerland)
email:        info@lionstep.com
tel.:            +41 79 458 18 74


The Controller has appointed the following entity as Representative the European Union:

Vittorio de Vecchi Lajolo

Thomas Rechtsanwälte

Oranienburgerstrasse 23

10178 Berlin


Data Protection Officer

The Controller has furthermore appointed a data protection officer (hereinafter “DPO”) in charge of monitoring all processes involving personal data, including compliance with applicable legislation. The DPO is:

Alexander Mazzara


Riesbachstrasse 59

8008 Zürich



Why is Lionstep processing Personal Data?

Lionstep works with selected and recognised Customers (“Customers”), such as enterprises, companies, self-employed professionals, professional recruiters etc., constantly looking for highly skilled professionals to improve their team. Therefore, Lionstep has deep insight into its Customers’ needs and can evaluate and assess which professional profiles matches them at best.

Although the decision whether to hire a person is obviously taken by each Customer autonomously, professionals Lionstep considers eligible for its Customers’ needs (“Candidates”) can count on serious chances to improve their career and work experience.

Therefore, Lionstep is collecting and processing Personal Data in its own legitimate interest of providing services enabling better and more efficient recruiting processes. Also, the activity performed by Lionstep goes to the advantage of Candidates who obtain the opportunity to apply for job offers they were not aware of.


Where do Personal Data come from?

In order to match Candidates and Customers with the best possible precision, Lionstep researches professional profiles of Candidates through publicly accessible sources related to business or work life or transferred to Lionstep by a person entitled to do so.

In no case does Lionstep extract Personal Data from private, confidential or otherwise reserved sources against the Data Subject’s explicit will.


What Personal Data are being collected and how?

Lionstep collects and processes only business and work related Personal Data, i.e. general contact data, work experience, educational background, personal skills etc. .

When collecting such information, Lionstep automatically filters out Personal Data enabling the Data Subject’s identification (“Identity Data”), such as first and last name, address, e-mail and/or other contact details etc., pseudonymises them and stores them on a dedicated, encrypted and protected server. This means, Lionstep cannot “see” who’s the Data Subject at this stage.

The remaining information not enabling an identification of the Data Subject (“Curricular Data”), such as work experience, educational background, personal skills etc. shall be provided to Lionstep Customers in form of anonymised Candidate profiles.

Only in case a Customer should express interest in a Candidate profile, Lionstep will access such Candidate’s Identity Data and contact him/her: this is what’s happening to you right now!


Whom is Lionstep disclosing Personal Data to?

No Identity Data and no Personal Data enabling the Data Subject’s identification will be transferred to third parties, including Customers, before you give your consent.


For how long does Lionstep store Personal Data?

As soon as a Customer expresses interest in an anonymised Candidate profile, Lionstep informs such Candidate asking whether he/she is interested in getting in touch with the Customer, transfering his/her Personal Data (including Curricular and Identity Data) to him/her.

In case the Candidate is interested, his/her Personal Data will be added to Lionstep’s Database according to Lionstep’s Terms of Use (“ToU”).

In case the Candidate is not interested in getting any other job offers in the future from Lionstep, his/her Personal Data (including Curricular and Identity Data) shall be irrevocably deleted from Lionstep’s servers.


What rights do I have?

First and foremost, you may object to the processing of your Personal Data, as described in this document, providing a reason related to your particular situation to justify the objection.

Where Personal Data are processed for direct marketing purposes (e.g. in order to send you newsletters or other promotional content), you may object at any time to the processing without providing any justification.


Please find out about all other rights you are entitled to with respect to the processing of Personal Data in Lionstep’s Privacy Policy.


Is this all I need to know?

In order to make an informed and thoroughly pondered decision, please make sure you read also Lionstep’s Privacy Policy.