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Discover Lionstep: A glimpse into our unique workplace culture

Andreea Gavrilovici

Lionstep is where the future works

Coming to Lionstep was a big change for me: from a big company to a startup setup of only 6 people, moving from my home country to Switzerland, from working in a big team of developers to being the only developer on the project. But it has been great!

Some days have been better than the others, but at the end of the day, all of us at Lionstep just love the journey. I have found here my first friends in the new country, conquered the challenges and learned to be better. I will always appreciate the openness of the people in our team and the continuous strive for excellence that helped me also grow personally and professionally.

Andreea Gavrilovici

Software Developer at Lionstep

Career Paths

As part of our growth, there are exciting specialist, project and management career paths available where you will be able to develop yourselves horizontally and vertically. Read more about the individual areas below:


Our sales team consists of three different sub-teams, which are responsible for the acquisition as well as the development and expansion of our customer relationships.

Customer Success Management

The Customer Success Team supports and advises the client throughout the entire collaboration regarding the vacancies to be filled and provides valuable market knowledge.

Candidate Success

Our Candidate Success Team consists of Talent Acquisition Specialists and Recruiters. They identify and contact suitable candidates through various channels and evaluate their skills in personal interviews.

Product & IT/Shared Service

The Product & IT team consists of technology-savvy employees who support and develop our product range. And of course, support functions such as finance, HR and marketing are not to be missed.

The application process

Lengthy application process that drags on for weeks or even months? Not with us! We guarantee you that we will make the application process with the following steps as efficient as possible.




The first two rounds of interviews take place with HR and your direct supervisor. During these interviews we get to know each other better and introduce you to the job and Lionstep.



If there is still interest from both sides after the first two rounds of interviews, you will work on a case that represents an everyday situation from your future position.



A few days after the case work, we will let you know how you did in the case. If your feedback is positive, we will also send you the contractual details.

Working Environment & Benefits

Man Writing- Purple


Remote Work & flexible working hours

Remote Working is our DNA. At Lionstep there are no block working hours. When you come and when you go is up to you, as long as your clients & candidates are well taken care of.


Technological tools

We use the latest technological hardware and software to interact with our clients, candidates as well as teammates.


Paid leave

Depending on the country and employment contract, we offer an above-average number of maternity, paternity and holiday days.



We are a great, international team of young & dynamic people who want to achieve something and have fun. We have a flat hierarchy and are all on a first-name basis. Feedback and daily learning is a fundamental part of our culture.


Team Events

At virtual or physical team events, we like to celebrate our successes.



With us you can benefit from exclusive discounts on your favorite brands on the “Corporate Benefits” platform.


Learning Opportunities

Our goal is that you can grow professionally and personally with us and we offer a range of internal and external training opportunities.


Pet-Friendly Office

Your dog is very welcome with us!


Unpaid Leave

Would you like a longer break? No problem. We allow unpaid leave of up to 8 weeks.

Natal Marjakaj

I had just finished my masters degree and I was looking for a job that suited my needs and skills and that offered me the chance to grow personally

It was not easy during COVID-19. The market had become slow and dry. One day I got a call from a „friend of a friend“ who happened to be the vice president of sales at Lionstep.  We agreed to meet for a coffee at Starbucks. Fast forward: I celebrated my first anniversary at Lionstep recently and it was everything that was promised to me.

A professional company, a funny team, chances everywhere you look, caring people, and mostly the shared drive to achieve great things together by helping others. Lionstep combines the machine like efficiency of people with their very personal needs and makes us thrive in what we do, every day.

Natal Marjakaj

Strategic Partnerships - CH Lead at Lionstep


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