What is the Career Relaunch service?

Lionstep’s core is build with a strong focus on the candidate experience, while providing the most attractive talent acquisition services in the market. Career Relaunch offers talents from all industries with all kind of backgrounds, the tools and services to return to the workforce after a long absence or to realign their career due to any reason, such as feeling stuck, burned out or simply ready for a new and different challenge.


Why should my company participate?

It’s not just diversity in gender, race, ethnicity and cultural background that increase performance. Studies show that employees from companies which are diverse in both inherent and acquired (traits you gain from life and work experiences) diversity are 45 percent more likely to report a growth in market share over the previous year and 70 percent more likely to report the firm captured a new market.

Together with our clients, you, we offer the Returnship – a six months internship for any candidate ready to re-enter the workforce or to launch a new career path. Sense of security instead of unease, while working towards a full-time employment after the six months. Within the scope of the returnship, the candidate receives remuneration amounting to fifty percent of the normal market salary during the six months (subject to minimum wage provisions in accordance with the CBA on Staff Leasing).

Why does the Returnship make sense?
Candidate and client get to know each other, while the candidate eases into his new role, and the client reinforces its teams with experienced and multi-facet candidates. Leading to efficiencies on both sides.

The benefits of Lionstep’s Career Relaunch Service

Sustainable Hiring

While the candidate might have been out of the workforce for a number of years or is switching careers, the candidate brings years of experience to the table that will be highly valuable to your teams - no need to acquire talent abroad.

Enhanced Employer Branding

A study found that when leaders of professionally diverse teams promote inclusivity, they can actually prevent the negative impacts of perceived status within a team, leading to improved performance as well as employer branding - enhance your image amongst candidates for all your hirings.

Reduced Costs

For the time of the Returnship, the candidate will be employed through an outsourcing partner - meaning no additional headcount or costs in your balance sheet.

Customized Service

We offer a single point of contact for all your recruiting needs and will integrate your participation in the Career Relaunch into existing processes. Digital but personal.

Relaunch a Career today!


Career Relaunch

As with all our services, we are committed to help you source, engage and hire the best talents globally. Lionstep’s career relaunch coaches and guides each talent, meaning we only recommend candidates that are personally vetted for qualification and interest.


Through partnerships with HSG and AWA, we receive high potential candidates

Candidate Coaching

Our coaches make a precise assessment of expectations and goals

Profile Definition

Definition of ideal position and future outlook


If needed, candidates will attend relevant courses


Connecting you to qualified, interested & available candidates.


Lionstep’s Career Relaunch

Returnship is not a new idea. However, our implementation is. We digitize recruiting to make life easier for candidates and companies. This involves the ideal mix of people, processes and technologies to recruit the best diverse talent.


Our Clients Love to Roar

Lionstep has managed to digitize recruiting in a sustainable and efficient way. At the same time, the personal contact between recruiters and candidates remains an integral part of the candidate experience, which is unique on the market. Through Lionstep, we can be sure to always meet candidates who are qualified, motivated and match on a personal level to our business culture.

Ilka Sauer

HR Director DACH / Prokuristin

Lionstep perfectly fits into our business philosophy: Work is for bots, life is for humans. Machines take over the work and let us concentrate on the humans. Lionstep enables us to talk to outstanding talents.

Kristian Kabashi

Managing Director Digital

Lionstep supports us to get access to local and international talents in the fields of Technology and Communications in a convenient and transparent way.

Claudio Zinsli


Lionstep significantly contributes to the improvement of recruiting processes, giving them more coherence and putting them in a true digital context.

Emilio Froján

Business Development

Lionstep is a highly innovative and powerful tool for the recruiting of profiles. The use of Big Data in recruiting processes has shown us excellent results, and has facilitated the identification of the candidates that best suit our open positions.

Florie Saulnier

Global HR