I took the Lionstep!

For a couple of years, I felt stuck with my career, as I really wanted a change but was afraid to the take the step out of my comfort zone. Lionstep made it easy, by guiding me through the process and referring me to the right coaches as well as courses. Perfect approach for anyone in my situation.

Candidate David

Former Project Manager, now Online Content Creator
Frankfurt, Germany

Finally, the right way back in!

I was worried, how I would find my way back to a new challenge after 5 years of not working. Lionstep’s approach of listening to my expectations, worries and offering me the right tools and coaches before entering my 6 months Returnship was perfect. Happy with my new employer and thankful for the opportunity.

Candidate Iréne

Marketing Director
Zurich, Switzerland

What is the Career Relaunch service?

Together with our clients, we offer the Career Relaunch Internship - a six months internship for any candidate ready to re-enter the workforce or to launch a new career path. Sense of security instead of unease, while working towards a full-time employment after the six months. Why does the Career Relaunch Internship make sense? It’s an easy way back to work. Candidate and client get to know each other, while the candidate eases into his/her new role, and the client reinforces its teams with experienced and multi-facet candidates. We suggest to make use of our customised coaching, re- and up-skilling plans for an even better Career Relaunch position. Get in touch!


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Benefits of Lionstep’s Career Relaunch

Enhanced Coaching Experience

Our partner coaches ensure precise assessment of your worries, expectations and requirements to coach and guide you towards your future new role while sharpening your softskills.

Focus topics are:

  • Clarifying your goals
  • Enable personal growth
  • Leading self and other
  • Recognize your comfort zone
  • Identify external resistance
  • Reveal connections / making the most of your network
  • Handling difficult conversation / successfully resolve conflicts
  • Decide with self-assurance
  • Preparing and practicing for (senior) interviews / communicate appropriately
  • Manage relationships well
  • Act authentically

Matthew Fairless

Matthew works with individuals and teams to increase performance, manage transitions to new roles or structures, and deal with challenging situations.

Typical engagements include individuals stepping up to more senior roles, working on developmental feedback, improving team dynamics and maximising impact during major transactions and transformations. Matthew is part of the coaching team on the highly-regarded High Performance Leadership program at IMD business school and regularly coaches with blue chip corporates and consulting/audit firms.
Previously, Matthew was a Managing Director and COO for the Group General Counsel at UBS and prior to this held several senior leadership roles in London, New York and Hyderabad (India), during which time he led several leadership development programs. With over 20 years of experience in a variety of operational and project roles Matthew brings a commercial and global perspective.
A certified Leadership & Professional Development coach with the UK Tavistock Institute, Matthew is based in Zurich and works with clients globally.
Matthew coaches in English

Alexandra Stalder

Alexandra is a trusted coach and advisor for leaders with the focus to know their own potential, enable personal growth and successfully achieve an impact.

Individually designed to suit the client's personality, she provides guidance on topics such as career planning, moving into new positions, managing challenging/politically sensitive situations and improving one's own work and performance. With her individually tailored method, leaders step out of their comfort zone, make confident decisions, communicate according to the situation, act authentically and build strong alliances – to be in the driver's seat of their lives and careers.

For more than 20 years, Alexandra was an Executive in various industries in corporate organisations and medium-sized companies as Country Manager, Chief Sales Officer and Chief Operating Officer. In these roles, she was responsible for transformation processes, change and turnaround projects.
Alexandra has been successfully coaching and advising boards of directors, managing directors, senior executives and their teams since 2012. She is a sparring partner, Certified Director for Board Effectiveness at the University of St. Gallen and a certified systemic coach (ECA, European Coaching Association).
As a sought-after mentor for high potentials, students and young entrepreneurs, she opens up her international network and supports them with her expertise. She sometimes takes on ad-interim mandates in executive positions, most recently in a start-up in digitalisation, and thus keeps her finger on the pulse of the times. She is an active member of various business networks.

Alexandra works internationally and speaks fluent German and English.

Mathias Morgenthaler

Mathias advises individuals and companies on how people balance professional success and personal fulfilment.

Mathias Morgenthaler (JG 1975) has conducted over 1000 interviews with well-known and unknown personalities on the topic of career + vocation over the past 20 years (including Tages-Anzeiger and "Der Bund").

He is the initiator of the event series Berufungs-Forum, a seminar leader and a sought-after speaker and interview partner on the topic of the working world of the future.

Morgenthaler is the author of the bestsellers "Aussteigen - Umsteigen" and "Out of the Box - vom Glück, die eigene Berufung zu leben". He has translated the book "Corporate Rebels" from English into German.

Sylvia Beasley-Suffolk

Sylvia coaches individuals to successfully navigate career transitions and improve performance, often working with clients to clarify their professional direction and increase confidence and motivation.

Typical engagements include individuals looking for a new career challenge, increasing their leadership effectiveness or personal impact. Her clients include professionals working in large corporates as well as entrepreneurs.
Sylvia has held several senior roles across banking and consulting, most recently as a Director at jallé, a boutique consultancy based in Zurich. Prior to this Sylvia was a Senior Relationship Manager to large corporates for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Zurich

A Certified Chartered Accountant she also has experience in Corporate Credit Analysis and Financial Services Audit with RBS and KPMG in London. Having over 15 years of commercial experience, including secondments to Frankfurt and Paris, Sylvia brings an international and strategic business perspective.
A Certified Professional Coach with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Certified COR.E Leadership and Performance DynamicsTM Coach, Sylvia is based in Zurich and works with clients globally in both English and German.

Believe in Your Inner Lion

Once you defined your future role, our partner teams help you in sharpening and adapting your CV to fit the placement process. Further, our partner foenix can help you to believe in your inner lion by strengthening your presence in any room you enter.

Your personal brand as a success factor for your career

What are your values, strengths and weaknesses? What kind of work do you enjoy and what do you not like to do so much? How do you best emphasize yourself with clothing and make-up? The answers to these questions and many more is the basis for an authentic personal brand with which you identify and feel comfortable all around.

Developing your personal brand and thus your value proposition doesn't just happen overnight. It takes time and patience to develop and communicate it. As brand experts, we support you at every step of the development of your personal brand.
Show your potential

Maybe you already know exactly where you want to go next professionally, but you don't really know how to position yourself perfectly for it. Or perhaps you have been professionally inactive for a long time and don't know how to get back into the game. Don't worry, together we will find a way to reach your goal.

The first and most important step is your positioning, which is based on your skills and preferences. As soon as we have defined your authentic positioning, we will start working on your CV and text modules for your motivation letters. To increase your chances of getting further than the first interviews, we also support you in the right choice of clothes, make-up, hairstyle, jewelry and glasses. After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

We’re dedicated to helping you succeed. We’re even happy to coach you in the specific preparation for job interviews.

Our promise

With our proven foenix-Coaching, you will develop an authentic application dossier and a matching appearance, thus increasing your chances of finding your dream job. We’ll make you your own success factor.

Our program for you

Over a period of 4 to 6 weeks, we will tackle the following topics together in 6 hours of coaching: Development of your positioning. Creating an appropriate CV (content/visual; analog/digital). Composing text modules for letters of motivation. Increasing your performance in interviews. Advice on make-up, hair, clothing and posture.

The goal

You know where you want to go as your next career step. You have an authentic personal brand, which is reflected in your CV and your motivation letters, as well as in your appearance. You increase your chances of finding the right job for you and keeping it long term.

Advanced Training Partnerships 

Lionstep has partnered with companies such as Evrlearn, Propulsion Academy, Executive School of Management Universität St.Gallen and AI Business School to find the most suitable advanced training offerings in the market for your Career Relaunch as the skills you need in order to grow are constantly evolving — a recent survey found that a quarter of respondents said they’re currently up-skilling. No matter where you are in your career, practicing lifelong learning is key.

Propulsion Academy

The mission is to give people new professional opportunities, unleash their power to learn the most in-demand technology skills, and in doing so, fill companies’ needs for the workforce of the future more


Evrlearn creates impact through up- and re-skilling. We match your ambitions with a curated set of courses spanning from Swiss universities, strong local niche players to top international brands through to the global online-learning platforms – University of St. Gallen, ZHAW, Kalaidos, Flowdays, Propulsion Academy, Stride UnSchool, edX and Coursera to name a few.

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Executive School of Management Universität St.Gallen

The University of St.Gallen offers over 100 courses: from short seminars, conferences, Certificate (CAS) and Diploma Programmes (DAS) to MBA and Executive MBA degrees. more

AI Business School

World-Class Education for everyone to get ready for the upcoming AI Age.
Discover how to make smart use of modern AI technologies to create tangible positive business value in different industries:
Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Mobility,
Manufacturing, Retail

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