Great opportunity & impressive process!

I really enjoyed Lionstep's first contact approach. Perfect and complete job profile. It was easy to book an appointment for the first call, and it was nice compared to other headhunters.
Most importantly they listened to my individual needs. I had a straightforward and very nice conversation with Maria. The next steps were clearly communicated.
I received very fast feedback - Respect to that!

Candidate Thomas

Software Developer
Zurich, Switzerland

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Our team: Transparent and professional!

I really enjoy connecting candidates to new job opportunities. Each experience is interesting as every profile is unique. When recruiting you need to know who you are looking for, what skills, experience and motivations should the candidate have? Once you know these details the screening will be accurate and to the point. Our team works on providing this service efficiently and transparently.

In the end it should always be a win-win situation!

Maria Rinck

Recruiting Specialist


We focus on the candidates & their next career step!

Talent is the key to a successful business. We want to transform recruiting and talent acquisition to support companies & teams with finding their new colleagues.

That's why the focus must always be on the candidate personally. We want to deliver the best experience to achieve our mutual goal: Win-Win for talent & company.

And the best of all: Lionstep is not based on a success-fee as a percentage of salary. Our focus is YOU, the candidate and your next career step.

Célestine Suter

Recruiting Specialist

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