Candidate feedback study during coronavirus crisis

Selma Mohr 31, Mar 2020 5 min

Candidate feedback study during coronavirus crisis: How is the coronavirus crisis affecting candidates at the moment?

Lionstep Candidate Feedback Study on coronavirus crisis reveals new insights

With the Coronavirus becoming more severe, most companies across the world are adopting their work remotely, within home office. This new remote work condition made us curious: how is it affecting candidates and the recruiting process?

Overall, we see some positive results from the candidate feedback study, showing that employers are really working towards meeting the expectations of their candidates and employees – to be super flexible at the moment. We would like to say congratulations to all companies.

We talked to our candidates and gathered their thoughts on the following aspects:

  1. What expectations they have from their employers?
  2. If their expectations on employers are met?
  3. If the home office infrastructure is available at their company?
  4. Whether they are open to change their job during the crisis?

Our candidate feedback study on coronavirus crisis showed some interesting trends. We summarized key findings in infographics to get an overview of the coronavirus effect on the candidate experience.

What expectations do candidates have from employers?

Flexibility was the most common factor expected from candidates towards their employers. Clear communication and home office availability were the second and third most mentioned factors expected in a crisis like this. 


Are the candidates expectations on employers met?

Overall, the majority of candidates mentioned that their expectations were met, as they were able to work from home. This is great feedback to all the employers who strive to protect their employees and find solutions in complex situations. The N/A group consists of candidates that are currently not employed, and therefore couldn’t respond to the question.


Is the home office infrastructure available to candidates?

To more than half of the candidates we talked to, 68.2%, the current infrastructure was available. Candidates expressed that they had already worked remotely at some point before the coronavirus crisis. However, a significant percentage, 13.6% mentioned the lack of infrastructure available to work remotely. The N/A group consists of candidates that are currently not employed, and therefore couldn’t respond to the question.


Are candidates open to change their jobs during the crisis?

Even though the coronavirus is restricting people to move physically, the openness for a career change is still there. 87% of candidates interviewed, where open for a new job opportunity. Although they did feel that the crisis was serious, it did not impact their openness to consider a new job. This is great news for all companies currently hiring! 


Since Lionstep’s processes are fully digitized, from scheduling a call, to video interviews and recruiting feedback, we wanted to share some further tips on transitioning your recruiting to an online candidate experience.

🗣 Communicate any changes in the recruiting processes and timeline

Especially in times like these, candidates want to be reassured. Therefore it is important to note any changes within hiring feedback and processes, so they are fully aware on any impacts and feel encouraged to apply to your vacancy. 

You can also add answers to candidate questions on your website within your FAQs section. Updating your messaging reflects your corporate culture. Are you up-to-date? Do you care about communicating? You can also add a banner at the top of your career site with the official policy and any specific effects.

💡Be creative and engage with your candidates

This is a great time to focus on your online experience. Are you providing candidates with enough insights on what it’s like to work for you? Think about sharing podcasts, photos, videos or doing Q&A webinars. Employee-generated content leads to better engagement – so encourage your team to share their insights with your company hashtag.

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