Build a Collaborative Work Environment

When people who share a passion gather around a shared purpose and create a collaborative work environment, they have the potential and power to change the world. A single person working alone cannot do it. That’s just how it is. Collectively, people can evoke each other’s potential by drawing inspiration from each other. If you’re a business leader, you should share your vision, find new ways of doing and thinking, lead, and act with courage. But to make your vision a reality – you need to build a collaborative environment.

Let’s see what you can do to make the transition to a more collaborative work environment in your office.

1. Create a Cause

As a leader, you must provide a cause to create cohesion. If the objective is exciting and compelling, then your employees are more likely to become as passionate about the mission as you are. Otherwise, they will find various reasons not to work cohesively.

2. Set Specific Team Goals

Setting specific goals on each team is essential for group success. These goals are there to provide each of your units with achievable, short-term wins. They can create a positive momentum among team members and make it easy to redirect when necessary. At the end of each quarter, provide them with the outcomes of the goals to boost the integration of team cohesion and decrease confusion.

3. Define Roles and Communicate Expectations

Each team member must be provided with an individual and collective role as well as with responsibilities they hold. Once they understand their position, team members can avoid or easily solve conflicts and work more effectively.

4. Encourage Innovation

There will always be obstacles, and it’s your job to coach your team members that they can overcome them. It will encourage them to question things and to brainstorm, thus fostering a non-judgmental environment. They will loosen up, feel more confident with themselves, and feel trusted by their superiors. That way, you will get employees who want to exceed expectations.

5. Foster Cohesion

When you include team members in large decisions, they feel valued and significant. It leads them to perform better on both individual and community levels. Organize daily meetings and let them discuss their goals to help avoid competition and duplication of effort.

6. Leverage Employee Strengths

Instead of working around their weaknesses, find out the strengths of each team member and work with that. You can ask them about their strengths or have them take a personality test. Then, allow them to share their results and get to know each other on a deeper level. When each team member is assigned a task that suits their strengths, they are set up for success.

7. Encourage Socialization Outside of the Office

We are not robots that exist in the office only, but people with personal lives, interests, and desires. Corporate events can add more stress because employees are obligated to attend them. Socializing outside the office is casual and better for breaking down walls of mistrust between team members. When they get to know each other’s interests and problems outside of work, they will create a stronger bond that helps to decrease stereotyping and individual bias.

8. Collaborative Work Environment – Recognize, Reward, and Celebrate It

When your team shows an outstanding collaborative effort, you should recognize, reward, and celebrate it. Create a newsletter, podcast, or a video, host a seminar, or find any other way to share their story of great collaboration. By attaching bonuses and rewards to it will send your team the right message about their collaborative efforts.

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” —Gandhi

By coaching and motivating your employees to work cohesively as a collaborative team, you can increase your productivity and foster a positive work environment. With team members who feel appreciated and trust each other, you will surely set your enterprise on a successful path.

Building a collaborative work environment begins with finding the right employees that can support your vision and fit in. Lionstep can assist your enterprise with an out-of-the-box hiring process by actively sourcing and pre-screening the right talents. If you’re interested, visit our website or connect with us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn).

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