LinkedIn profile tips 2020: How to improve your LinkedIn profile

Selma Mohr 5, Jun 2020 4 min
How to improve your LinkedIn Profile

Check out our LinkedIn profile tips 2020, which include your LinkedIn settings, profile information, postings and finally the best tools to optimize!

Update your LinkedIn settings:

  • Make your profile public
  • Create a customized URL
  • Let recruiters know you’re open for opportunities
  • Edit the call to action on your page in the privacy settings: “Connect” OR “Follow” 

Improve your LinkedIn profile information:

  • Update your location: Make sure you have the right location set in your profile
  • Endorsed Skills: Ask your colleagues/managers to endorse your skills – and be strategic about what skills are really relevant to endorse (depending on your job role/future aspired job role). Having endorsements on Linkedin gives the viewer/recruiter a solid understanding of what you can do. Check through LinkedIn jobs for your dream position and analyze the skills required. Try to cover these specific skills through your LinkedIn profile.
  • Update your profile picture: Make sure you have a relevant and professional looking image as your profile. A great tool to find out what people think about your profile picture:
  • Add/update contact information: Use a professional email address, such as first name.last name – don’t use starlover@
  • Improve your headline: Again be strategic and use relevant keywords depending on how you want others to find your profile 

Tips for your LinkedIn posts:

  • N°1 rule: provide value → don’t post generic stuff
  • The order of priority the LinkedIn algorithm gives to post engagement is: 1.Share, 2.Comment, 3.Like 
  • How your post is shared with the LinkedIn algorithm: First your post is shown to 1st degree connections, if the engagement is good, it will be shown to 2nd degree connections, from there it can take off.
  • When tagging people: avoid tagging 2nd or 3rd degree connections, tag people in your network who are influential/have good engagement (& are relevant to the content you are writing about)
  • Avoid external links in posts: A trick is to post the link in the comments section and use the link to that comment within your post.
  • Less hashtags are better
  • Usually 9-11 am is the best time to post: but use your data and test this for yourself

Best LinkedIn Tools to improve your LinkedIn Profile & boost your network:

Review your LinkedIn (save your profile as a pdf) and this tool will dissect your profile to let you know what needs to be improved. Find out what you can do to get more interviews, opportunities and job offers. This tool also provides a summary generator for your LinkedIn bio.


If you automate LinkedIn, be careful! Phantombuster provides some great insights on how many messages, connections and mentions you can make. 

Deep dive into your LinkedIn Data/Analytics:


Automation tools for LinkedIn:

Find out anyones personality based on their linkedin profile:

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