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6 Steps to conduct a Skills Gap Analysis

New roles will require new skills, and as business environments are constantly changing a Skills Gap Analysis can provide many benefits. Find out more about the process with these 6 Steps.

Selma Mohr 24.10.2019

3 Tips to improve your Recruiting Process

Skill Gap? Scarce talent? Specific talent needs? We know first-hand how difficult it can be to find the right talent in a continuously changing recruiting landscape. Use these 3 Tips to improve your recruiting process…

Selma Mohr 17.10.2019

Welcome to the Lionstep team, Vlad & Selma!

The Lionstep team is growing and we are pleased to announce that two new talents will be joining us. Find out more about them…

Selma Mohr 14.10.2019

Welcome Aboard Aliai & Hamide!

We are pleased to announce that two super ladies will be joining us in the everyday fun, adventurous and ever challenging journey that is working at Lionstep.

10 Tips to Make Your Job Candidates Happier

4 min. read
Making job candidates happier has become an important task of the HR Department. The way we recruit new employees has changed, with candidate experience taking center stage.

“Lionstep talks human, because they can.”

The Lionstep team is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the Expert Board: Simone Thompson. Welcome Simone!

Claudia Winkler 14.03.2019

How to Create a Sense of Belonging Among Remote Employees

3 min. read
Every great employer realises the importance of having their employees feel included at work. However, with the rise of the remote workforce this has become a significant challenge.

Build a Collaborative Work Environment

3 min. read
If you’re a business leader, you should share your vision, find new ways of doing and thinking, lead, and act with courage. But to make your vision a reality – you need to build a collaborative work environment.

HR Industry – What Changes to Expect in 2019

4 min. read
The HR Industry and the way we approach employee management is mostly going to be affected by technology in the years to come.