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3 Things You Should Do as a Startup to Hire as Fast as Possible

When a startup has found its product-market fit and is seeing consistent growth month after month, hiring new talent becomes a top priority. Unfortunately, however, this is often easier said than done. We have tips for you.

Alexander Mazzara 19.06.2018

Google includes Lionstep in its Surge Program

Google includes Lionstep in its Surge Program San Francisco / Zurich: Good news for Lionstep! Google has included the Swiss recruiting company in its program. For some years now, the cloud provider has offered a special service to selected companies with the so-called “surge” program. These companies have special access to the Google Cloud, get […]

Alexander Mazzara 06.06.2018

Lionstep Co-Founder José Parra Moyano nominated for Forbes “30 under 30”

Lionstep Co-Founder José Parra Moyano nominated for Forbes “30 under 30”

Alexander Mazzara 29.05.2018

Technology-Signals: Tao and Swiss Startup Lionstep integrates to accelerate rapid growth

The global Technology-Signals oulet writes about Lionstep.

Alexander Mazzara 29.05.2018

“HR is notoriously underpowered in data”: Interview with Perry Timms

Perry Timms is a global & TEDx speaker and consultant on the future of work, HR & learning which was recognised by his inclusion on HR’s Most Influential Thinkers List for 2017. As our industry is moving so fast (like many other industries too), it is a great opportunity to talk with Perry about the future of work, organisations and the HR profession in general. Are you ready to zoom into the future..?

Alexander Mazzara 02.05.2018

Guidelines to Compose an Inspiring Rejection Letter

Many applicants are being rejected on a daily basis even if they are qualified. A robotic, lifeless template for a rejection letter is one way to bring a candidate down. In fact, not everyone makes an effort to inform the applicant that they did not pass. So let’s take a moment to bring life and inspiration to rejection letters. Here are a few ways to make it happen

Alexander Mazzara 02.05.2018

5 Top reasons to Write a Post-interview Rejection Letter

Post interview rejection letters are essential in the whole process. Their application experience is their first impression. A lifeless rejection letter template will inevitably turn a person from wanting to work for you to someone who will bad mouth you. Here are a few reasons why you have to soften the blow.

Alexander Mazzara 01.05.2018

Lionstep continues to grow in Spain

We have a new team member at Lionstep – welcome Raquel!

Alexander Mazzara 14.02.2018

The two startups Lionstep and Tao team up

he Swiss startup Lionstep, an international provider of a digital platform for the active search for employees and the HR Tech startup TAO are merging under the Lionstep brand. The joint venture aims to accelerate rapid growth as technology and management expand.

Alexander Mazzara 04.02.2018