There are various ways to catch the attention of potential candidates. Similar to targeting customers, think about who it is you are looking for and where you might find them.

A great way to create target profiles of candidates is to look at your current employees and what common traits they might have – including what skills they might be lacking. A skill gap analysis is very helpful in identifying who you need to look for when recruiting. 

How to do it 

Use social media company accounts: Be present on social media and advertise your open positions on the company’s profile page. Some even have an extra career pages, such as the LinkedIn Career Page.

Use a multichannel sourcing approach: We at Lionstep, always consider various channels, not just LinkedIn, when reaching out to candidates. Think about using more than one channel and find out which one works best for you – by analyzing your data. Using unique UTM parameters in your links, can help you track that information. 

Remember it’s a continuous process: You need to keep your recruiting funnel open at all times. Even if you don’t have any open jobs, provide a way for interested candidates to apply for a role. Generating awareness requires a constant activity from your side. You can’t just start marketing your employer brand once you need to fill a role. 

Consider providing various information over the course of your whole business year, such as:

💡 Company’s vision, mission and team

  • Goals and plans – share content on what you are doing to achieve your goals/plans
  • Exciting projects – sharing project achievements or exciting roadmaps you are working on
  • Reactions from stakeholders/reviews – this could be a positive review or comment you found online
  • Team insights – any team related stories on their career or reasons why they enjoy working for your company

🚀 Developments

  • Career progression from your team – sharing any promotions from your team to demonstrate career advancement opportunities
  • Training sessions or upskilling you provide – sharing content from your team during development trainings
  • Job security – sharing stories from people who have stayed for more than 3 years

💼 Work environment

  • Events – sharing content from events in your company, whether it is team building exercises, roadshows or a guest speaker coming to share their experiences
  • Work-life balance/integration – sharing information on what it’s like to balance work, maybe time management insights or how a specific role’s work schedule is divided
  • Ability to contribute/impact – sharing surveys or possibilities for capturing feedback from your employees/followers/candidates who are applying
  • Agility and flexibility – provide insights on how your team works to be agile and fast in changing directions – insights to level of autonomy 

💰/ 🎁 Compensation

  • Promotions being made: how that system might work
  • Salary and compensation model: you can provide a range or at least state that you work based on market standards
  • Benefits and perks: share all the benefits and perks you have. This can be shown in various ways. Maybe a photo with a team dog in the office, showing your office is dog friendly. Or a photo from one of your team members working at home – demonstrating you have home-office perks. Get creative. 

At Lionstep, we help companies find qualified and interested candidates globally. Connect with us today to discover how you can optimize your recruiting process.