Aliai Derbini is our Senior Recruiting Specialist at Lionstep and helps shape our candidate experience by making sure that everyone is being taken care of to their fullest satisfaction. She has a deep understanding and extensive experience within recruiting, having talked to around 10k candidates within her career.

Are you interested to find out more about Aliai? We are excited that she will share her advice in this interview and provide great insights into the recruiting process.

What made you decide to work within the recruiting industry?

The fascination with recruiting is that you are always in touch with people, from different backgrounds with different stories, I love to work with people and to connect with them. On top you always learn something new, there is a lot of variety in this job, it never gets boring. You learn to read people and it strengthens your social skills and sharpens your emotional intelligence, that is a big plus. I have worked within recruiting for over 9 years now, this is a very long time… I really enjoy my work. It is not easy finding something you genuinely enjoy doing – and that for such a long time.

What advice would you give candidates for their career and next job?

This is a good question. It involves so many points. Of course on the one side, it’s important to think about your career and not just “another job”. Ideally, it should fit into your career plans. For example: do I get more responsibilities/ decision making authority, new benefits, can I build great new relationships, do I learn something new etc.

Your work fills a large part of your life and time. It’s about the things you are passionate about, the relationships you build and of course the things you learn/accomplish. In order to be truly satisfied and happy, I advise you to decide on applying for a job where you believe it is “great work” and ideally something you are passionate about. 

The definition of “great work” is different to everyone. For me, it involves having an impact and being able to use my skills. 

For example, I believe that my work contributes to a lot of people’s lives. I connect candidates to new opportunities and can use my skills and experience to fulfill this mission. It involves communication skills, listening skills, attention to detail/analytical thinking and so much more.  

What advice would you give candidates when talking to a recruiter?

I think this is a two sided process. It is not just important what impression a candidate delivers but also what impression I bring. That is why I hope to take away any nervous feelings in a first call/interview and start off with some questions especially targeted at  “breaking the ice”. 

My advice would be:

  • Be yourself: This is so important. I want to meet you (the real you). Otherwise it will be difficult to understand how you would fit into the role and company. In the end, we both want to achieve the same thing: a win-win for both you and the company. This is about finding a job and company that really fits your interests, so being honest is really important.
  • Focus on your strengths: Don’t be shy to tell the recruiter of the achievements you have made and skills you learned. Be confident.
  • Check the job description before the interview once more: It really helps prepare and understand the tasks or requirements. Try to think of reasons that explain how you fit into the job profile & company.
  • Knowing what you want: Try to think about what you are looking for in a new job opportunity. As a recruiter, I also try to guide you through this process but it really helps if you reflect on this personally. Maybe our post on finding a job to love might help.

Thank you Aliai for answering the questions and sharing your insights into the recruiting industry. If you are interested in a new challenge, don’t hesitate to visit our website. At Lionstep we believe in future opportunities finding their way to you. Want to discuss your next career move? Talk to us!