You don't hire a CV, but the person behind it

With a scientifically based assessment, you can find talents who optimally complement your existing team - both professionally and personally.

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Prepare interview questions confidently

Prepare interview questions confidently

Know talents better

Get to know talents better

Guarantee cultural fit

Guarantee cultural fit

Speed up hiring process

Speed up the hiring process


Ask the right questions and you'll get better answers

You’ve found a talent that meets your professional requirements. Now you’re wondering if your counterpart….


With Lionstep Active Sourcing…

fits into the existing team

will accept and “live” the company culture

can (and wants to) contribute positively to the company

If values and personality diverge, discontent is inevitable.

The magic word is: cultural fit


Studies show that productivity and creativity increase when teams not only fit together professionally, but also on a human level.

Motivation, characteristics, conflict potential: What makes the talent tick? The assessment gives you information and provides you with sample questions for the job interview. In this way, you can find out more quickly whether the talent and you are really a good match.

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Christian Conti

The assessment helped us enormously to understand and use the intrinsic motivation of each employee even better. I was pleasantly surprised at how much that brought us for employees.

Christian Conti

Former CEO Orion Legal Protection Insurance Ltd

Make sure before you commit yourself

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Emotional & rational decision support

The assessment asks the talent 10 questions. The answers show the expression of certain personality traits, such as empathy or assertiveness. This helps you assess the talent and serves as a basis for further interviews.


Comprehensive results, shorter processes

We summarize the evaluated answers in a designed PDF booklet. We draw your attention to special characteristics of the talent and provide suggestions for interview questions that you can ask in the interview - thus speeding up the hiring process.


Find out early if you’re a good fit

The questions and assessment methods are based on decades of experience of our partner IPM, the Institute for Personality-Oriented Management. During the assessment, talents become aware of their strengths and inclinations and recognize early on which offers and companies suit them. This reduces mismatches right from the start.

Stephanie Schoss

Our assessment is based on a positive view of human beings

...,in which a positive basic need is assumed, analyzed and described behind every personal trait. The essential progress through the assessment lies in the examination of the dynamic structure of the emotional basic needs.

Dr. Stephanie Schoss, Director at Executive School / University of St.Gallen & Founder IPM


Find out early if the talent and you are a match.

With the assessment from Lionstep.

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