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The marketing of a modern company has many facets. Performance Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Growth Hackers, Media Planners, SEO Specialists are just a few of the talent profiles in demand. We make sure you find the best marketing talent for your business. Recruitment in marketing is an essential part of our work.

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Good news
Personalvermittlung für Marketing

What is important in recruiting for marketing?

If you want to answer the question of what is important in recruitment for marketing, you have to think one step further. The real question is: What is important for the marketing of one’s own company?


The meaning and purpose of a marketing department is clear: a company’s products or services should be presented to customers in such a way that a purchase decision is made. Various factors are decisive for the implementation of this goal. Target group, budget, available marketing staff and the time factor mesh like cogs.


If a company defines the need for marketing personnel, specialists are often sought who have a virtuoso command of their field. In addition, reliability and dealing with sometimes enormous budgets are further skills that good talent brings with them. Because marketing has ambitious goals: increasing product sales and thus the company’s turnover.


Another task of marketing departments is just as important. In cooperation with HR departments, a well thought-out marketing campaign for employer branding can contribute to the attractiveness of the company as an employer brand.


So one thing is important for recruitment in marketing: The talents are creative, precise, understand the modern marketing stack and deliver high performance. The procedures in the personnel recruitment process should be correspondingly flexible and structured at the same time. Contact via smartphone and flexible feedback options for a job advertisement are just two examples.


The possibility of remote work can also be a lever to attract top-class talent. New Work topics such as flexibility in working hours, the possibility of creative work and further training opportunities are increasingly relevant.

Personalvermittlung für Marketing

Where do we find the talent for marketing recruitment?

We find our talents in many different ways. One of our absolute advantages: Our recruitment is hybrid. We use the synergies of the digital, process-optimized methods and the concentrated power of our empathy and expertise. Completely logical: It is no longer possible without digital instruments. The marketing and communications recruiter would be caricaturing itself if it weren’t going digital.


And yet: without human expertise it is not possible. Discussions with candidates are just as essential as personal contact with our customers. Would you like to know who you are dealing with? Get to know your contacts at Lionstep here.


We use a variety of sources to search for the best talent. This includes digital job exchanges as well as social media apps and our company careers page. With our talent pool, we have candidates to choose from who are proactively looking for new jobs.


But even talented people who are not currently looking for a job can be reached quickly and efficiently. With Active Sourcing, i.e. addressing candidates directly, we reach up to 300 potential candidates per job advertisement. A few clicks on the smartphone are enough as feedback – and we get in touch with the talents personally.

Structure Marketing
Structure Marketing
Marketing Team

Which Industries Benefit From Marketing Recruitment?

Marketing is an industry in itself that is absolutely cross-industry and an integral part of the corporate environment. New trends keep the industry busy. A permanent trend with no end in sight is the personalization of marketing strategies. Sustainability and digitization are also among the major issues in the industry.


Marketing strategies mean innovation. High potentials and specialists in the industry are creative minds who value a suitable working environment. We at Lionstep have developed our own system for recruitment. After that, we can reliably focus on finding the best talent for your company:


  • Compensation: Is the correct compensation recognized for a position?
  • Employer branding: What strategies are there for presenting yourself attractively as an employer?
  • Location: remote work, home office, on-site workplace – what are the options?
  • Skills: Which qualifications, which further training are necessary for a position


Last but not least, recruitment in online marketing makes up a significant part of recruitment in marketing. All industries with manufacturing and service companies want and need to reach customers online in order to remain competitive and sustainable.


Appropriate skilled workers are rare, the market is practically empty due to the lack of skilled workers. With our methods and sources we reach talents worldwide. In this way, our customers expand their search radius and thus their chances of success many times over.

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Marketing job placement costs

We know that the issue of cost is one of the most burning. That’s why we’re happy to answer them transparently. We let the facts speak for themselves:


  • The fast and reliable placement reduces vacancies to positions. Satisfied employees stay longer, recruitment costs are reduced.
  • Our in-house developed and award-winning platform, together with our industry knowledge, enables us to select the right candidates for your positions. Through optimized processes we save time and in direct consequence you save costs.
  • We have a wide variety of sources open to us when looking for talent, and our search radius is not tied to any local borders. In this way we increase the chance of success in filling a position quickly.
  • Our internal processes are also optimized, our team works in efficiently structured processes. Where there was one contact person from A to Z in the headhunting companies of the old school, we work in a process-oriented team. The result: cost savings.


The most important information is perhaps that our customers save up to 50 percent in costs through our mediation. Feel free to contact us, we will explain the relevant details in a personal and non-binding conversation.

Marketing Meeting
Marketing Meeting

Lionstep is your modern headhunter for marketing jobs

Would you like to work with Lionstep as a marketing recruitment agency? Then you can rely on human expertise and empathy as well as the most modern recruiting methods and their advantages:


  • Fast and needs-based solutions for your personnel questions
  • Cost savings
  • Clear feedback analysis
  • Flexible and scalable adaptation to current recruitment needs
  • Full control thanks to your own customer login, status quo can be viewed at any time
  • Pricing based on a tried and tested prepaid system: you only pay for what you actually do.
  • Individual solutions, personal contacts


We have clearly defined our corporate goal. As a healthy, growing company, we want to do what we do best: help our customers to be successful. More than 900 supported companies and a growing regular clientele prove our way right. References such as IPG Mediabrands, one of the largest media agencies in the world, are reliable indicators of the quality of our work.

Lionstep works with over 100 qualified employees at over 15 locations. Our strengths are not only the speed and reliability of our work. Rather, it is the fun we have in our job that accompanies and motivates us every day.


In order to find the best talents for your specific needs, we look forward to a personal conversation with you. Simply use our contact form and take the first step!

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Intelligent algorithms compare hundreds of thousands of talent profiles on websites, social networks and in our talent pool. In this way, we find potential candidates digitally who exactly match your search profile.


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On average, we invite up to 300 talents to a telephone interview. On request including video and soft skill analysis. According to your specifications, we check qualifications, experience and salary expectations, among other things. We have a hit? Then it's time to introduce them to each other!


We know your industry

Every industry has its own job titles and requirements. Experienced experts support our recruiters in selecting suitable talents.


Well informed at all times

Your Lionstep online account shows all the talents we are in contact with. You get an insight into application documents and comments from our recruiters. If a talent drops out of the process, you can find out the reasons for the rejection here – including statistics and meaningful benchmarks for your industry


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Recruiters offering talent to needless companies multiple times a day? Headhunters contacting talent for completely inappropriate positions? It's frustrating. With us, both sides know what to expect - with success: 90% of the talents we recommend are invited to an interview by companies.

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